Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Spoil Your Daughter like Eloise at The Plaza

NEW YORK (CBS) Eloise, the precocious 6-year-old who lived on the "tippy top floor" of The Plaza Hotel (one of my daughter's favs) with her Nanny, her dog Weenie, and her turtle Skipperdee in Kay Thompson's classic book, now has a suite at the New York hotel in her honor.

Designed by Betsey Johnson (my wife's former employer), the suite on the hotel's 18th floor channels the hotel's most famous fictional resident.

"She's so pink, so fun," Johnson said in the statement of the fictional city girl that inspired the room. "...Hey, Eloise! Me and my grandkids want a sleepover with you soon!"

"Each day, our colleagues share Eloise's adventures with guests from all over the world and she is such a beloved character," The Plaza's General Manager Shane Kirge added. "Collaborating with a visionary of style and design like Betsey Johnson to bring Eloise's world to life has been so rewarding and we feel she is the ideal talent for this project."

The room, decorated in pink and black, is full of nods to the beloved book character and the girly accents that Johnson is known for on the runway.

A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, a zebra-print carpet covers the floor (to muffle the sound when Eloise "slomps her skates to 'make a really loud and terrible racket,'" according to a statement from the hotel), a king-size bed with custom-designed bedding depicting images of Eloise, a sparkly padded pink headboard and Eloise's name scrawled in neon lights affixed to the wall above.

Petticoats and tutus hang in the closet - an homage to Eloise's love of dressing up - and custom-made fabric with her well-known remarks ("Charge it, please" and "Tomorrow I think I'll pour water down the mail chute.") cover the French doors to the bathroom, according to the New York Times.

The suite also has original prints by "Eloise" illustrator Hilary Knight on the pink-striped walls, a wall-mounted flat screen TV and DVD player and Eloise books and dolls.

The Eloise Suite, which starts at $995 a night, opens Aug. 16. Guests also have the option of booking the adjoining "grown-up" Edwardian suite, which ups the total to $2,045 a night for both rooms. Whereas regular rooms & suites like the Edwardian Suite are bookable online across our site at WhataHotel!, you'll need our connections to snag the Eloise Suite. Plus, any booking with us at The Plaza at a qualifying ratecode entitles you to Exclusive Complimentary Perks that enhance the value of your reservation.

The "Eloise" books debuted in 1955, and documented the antics of the titular pint-sized heroine in her hotel home. A portrait of Eloise has hung in the Plaza lobby until it closed for renovations in 2005. It was re-hung in 2008 after spending time in storage.

CREDIT-CBS News Online for story. Additional commentary & links by Greg Guiteras/Blogger.

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  1. I remember Eloise! I saw a website dedicated to her. It is such a fun book and TV series. Thanks for sharing this.