Thursday, November 25, 2010

Le Royal Monceau: A New Gem in Paris

It took two years for Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris to renovate completely and open its doors this October. The collection of hotel suites and private apartments is flanked by restaurants, bars, a kids room, a spa, and a 3D cinema, and the hotel is once again one of the best hotels in Paris.

If you want to thank someone for getting Le Royal Monceau back on its feet and more than well again, that would be Philippe Starck. Splashes of red create a truly luxurious sentiment in the Raffles Paris location, and it's been said that Starck's “attempt” (in reality, much more than that) is “artistic, delicate, open, poetic.”

The story of Le Royal Monceau has been a complex one, considering that its opening directly preceded the American Depression, and the hotel was even requisitioned during World War II. However, popular since day one, the imposing stone structure has housed a huge number of notable individuals, and not solely movie stars and actors. King Forouk of Egypt, Aga Khan, Joseph Kessel, Michael Jackson, Robert De Niro, and Madonna were all guests at this historical destination where luxury accommodations are top priority.

Even the grandest of hotels needs some help from time to time, and Le Royal Monceau's received an above,above-and-beyond facelift that puts many other “European style” renovations to shame. Clusters of chandeliers draped in crystal and tiny lampshades play against a patterned floor, while suites' deep hotel tubs sits amidst dazzling mirrored walls and marble floors. More magnetic still are the suite bedrooms, with soothing wall colors, fabulous linens, and windows letting in abundant light. If you could clear your schedule for a day in Paris and lounge around the hotel, there's no way you could pass up the opportunity particularly with our Exclusive Complimentary Perks just for the booking.

Peering out on the geometrically-pleasing greenery in the courtyard, you'll feel a new calm come over you. If you have ever tried to brave traffic at the Arc de Triomphe, then you know how important this is. Le Royal Monceau doesn't just provide luxury accommodations, but ones that balance art with a comforting, cocoon-like atmosphere.

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