Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peninsula Beverly Hills

Some people feel as though they can simply sign onto any price comparison site and get a great deal on their accommodation. If you bid on a hotel in your price range, however, you won't know which one it is until you've already been permanently assigned. If you use this method, how will you ever become acquainted with highly rated luxury hotels like Peninsula Beverly Hills?

If you live on the East Coast—or in the northern, southern, or midwestern states for that matter—you should plan at least one trip to the West Coast in your lifetime. See the Hollywood sign, take the Walk of Fame, and shop on Rodeo Drive—and stay somewhere where you can soak up the glamour and the service to which any celebrity quickly becomes accustomed.

What makes Peninsula Beverly Hills stand out? The location is as advantageous as the interior is richly furnished, but the environment is far from stuffy. The spa isn't simply a place to relax and receive beneficial wellness treatments: it was named the leading urban spa for service and the second for treatments in all of the United States. There's the massage services, body treatments, and nail suites to keep you busy, but that's only if you can leave your hotel room. With a 24-hour check-in, you can arrive whenever you'd like, quickly settling into a room that flaunts classic Renaissance design with all the modern touches. If you're looking for a larger space to call home at Peninsula Beverly Hills, there are also 16 Garden Villa Suites tastefully tucked away.

And then there are the unexpected perks to consider. Many people who travel have extreme difficulty finding an animal-friendly location to suit their needs. Even if you can find a spot that accepts your dogs, there are often restrictions and many fees. The Peninsula has no size-restriction policy in their hotel regulations, so you can bring your best friend along with your family.

And the icing on the cake? Rolls Royce house cars. In fact, when you book one of the luxurious hotel suites, you will receive the use of a Rolls Royce for the duration of your stay. While you'll undoubtedly have ideas about things you want to do, let us pose just a few suggestions. Drive to Santa Monica to enjoy the new wheels and stop by Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, boutiques, the beach, and plenty of great restaurants. On another day trip, consider taking the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy classic Californian views.

If this property sounds right to you, then we know exactly where to book Peninsula Beverly Hills to get Exclusive Complimentary Perkswhile doing so. Enjoy it!

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