Friday, November 19, 2010

The Savoy Hotel Unveiled

If you're a lover of all things posh, then you very well may have been waiting for the Savoy to finally complete their thorough renovation. Extending the renovation by one and a half years, the Savoy London was worth the wait. Not only is the hotel restored to turn-of-the-last-century design aesthetics, but it is green and energy-clean: in fact, it's now one of the most energy-efficient hotels in the world.

Much of the Savoy's intense effort for earth-friendliness goes on behind the scenes, making it necessary to read up on the changes before enjoying the features and service in one of their well-appointed luxury rooms. The staff members are active participants in the hotel's day-to-day green functions and features, including recycling all paper, using hybrid vehicles for hotel operations and guest transfers, and monitoring heat and light usage.

"We don't want this to be 'in your face.' It is deliberately understated. We are the only five-star hotel doing environmental work at this level, so if a potential guest is interested in that, then I can't see why they would not come to the Savoy," the hotel's "Green Team" chief Debra Patterson told The New York Times' ClimateWire.

Then there are the more expensive, drastic changes: a combined heat/power plant in the building provides half of the hotel's requirements on its own, while heat collected from appliances in the kitchen in turn heats the hotel's water. Low-energy lights are installed throughout the building, and even the cooking oil is converted to biodiesel.

Interested in the Savoy London? This 1889 hotel stands alone in green accommodations and is an icon in its own right. The magnificent hotel has 268 rooms, but 9 of those are exclusive suites that have been decorated with high-profile guests in mind. With a range of room prices, this hotel allows for luxury stays that range from elegant to fit for a king. The choice is yours, but remember that there will be a mad dash on room reservations at Savoy because it is all the rage now for those who want the best luxury hotel in London.

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