Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to Buy a World Traveler for Christmas

The holiday gift-buying crunch is on, and that means we're all stocking up on gifts... or at least, we should be. Travel-loving individuals are often the type who like convenience and seem to already have everything they want, making them more difficult to shop for than you first expect. The one thing that everyone loves, whether they are staying at a luxury hotel luxury hotel or even a camping site, is something that makes their travel go more smoothly.

Thankfully, enough people struggle with buying presents for luxury-loving gadget fiends that lists have been compiled for our ease. These tips should get you shopping for conversation-worthy pieces that make any globetrotter grin.

Consider noise-canceling products. Noise-canceling earbuds, like the Shure se535s, are a dream on a plane, in any class seats. Just because someone's sitting in first on the way to the beach doesn't mean they're not hearing others' loud travel talk! Give them the present of a few quality hours of sleep on the plane.

Get products that bring home to the traveler. Some travelers like to experience brand-new every day, but when something goes wrong, a quick comforting reminder of the home base is welcome. Consider buying a satellite travel radio to give someone who's prone to missing home or who is a first-time traveler, like the Tivoli version that's water-resistant. It also would work well for sports fans who really want to catch the game, or someone who likes to listen to local music when they're on the move.

Buy something for the travel-curious as well. Maybe the person you're shopping for loves luxury and longs to be on the move, but hasn't had the opportunity to visit anywhere yet. There's a talking globe by Pylones that actually tells you about specific cities when you press them, so you can choose the next destination to explore: London, Moscow, Bora Bora?

Look at footwear options for anyone who doesn't have a plane “routine.” While some of us have circulation-aiding socks and perfect slippers for the plane, others could do with cozy footwear for the long haul. Take a look at sheepskin or microfiber slippers lined in something deep and soft, plus a pair of socks made for the plane.

And while you're at it? Consider getting yourself something as well. Our Exclusive Complimentary Perks are an added value at our collection of luxury hotels, but the pampering doesn't have to end there.

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