Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Perfect Gift: A Flight and a Luxury Hotel Stay

American Airlines recently released their holiday shopping suggestions, which are all about giving the gift of flight in a variety of fashions. While vouchers are the most well-known of holiday flight gifts, airlines are making it clear that these aren't the only way to spread cheer.

Besides the simple ways to give flights to loved ones, there are also innovative options for the regular traveler. For example, American Airlines offers Lounge One-Day Passes to the Admirals Club, which are priced at $50. This pass can be used in any of the airline's lounges, and it gives your traveler in mind a great way to relax while prior to departure instead of sitting or standing at the boarding gate.

Did you know that airlines also issue gift cards or gift certificates for presents? Research the average cost of the flight or talk to a travel agent, and then you can purchase a card in any denomination up to $1500 from American Airlines, for example. What's even better is that American is giving back $5 from every $50 travel purchase to Susan Komen for the Cure, so your buy will also be helping a worthy cause at an important time of year. If the denominations on the gift cards aren't to your liking, perhaps a gift certificate would suit you, since AAVacations has them available without set denominations.

Still looking? You can also buy or share miles with someone during the holidays, perhaps with a plan to have them come visit a city nearby. You can encourage your friend or family member to travel in style, luxuriate in a beautiful hotel, and then come visit you, too! If you share American Airlines miles before December 31st, for example, they will award you with 25% bonus miles.

If you really want to go over the top this December, why not ehance your gift of flight with a reservation for luxury accommodations by selecting one of the many viewing the hotel specials available.

The luxury hotel pick and manner of presenting your gift is up to you, but no matter how you do it, you know that the person who receives a flight and hotel stay will be overjoyed. Browsing now will ensure a great holiday present and some of the best travel deals you'll find, so why not start looking today? Chirstmas is right around the corner.

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