Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Claus Makes a Change to Visit Resorts

Santa Claus might have enjoyed revving up his sleigh and prepping his reindeer to take to the sky, but a modern-day Santa has a lot more options. This year, Santa at the Four Seasons Mauritius gets to make a mega-entrance by sky diving, and last year, he arrived by pirate ship. While Santa definitely makes a lot of visits to luxury spots worldwide in December, it sounds like he never tires of giving travelers a holiday thrill.

There are some variables when it comes to Santa’s visit, though: he doesn’t always know when he’ll arrive, and it varies from year to year. Sometimes, he starts making his first rounds as early as November, and in Brazil and in Scandinavia, he’s likely to arrive on Christmas Eve to do his thing. Other resorts get a visit on Christmas Day itself--perhaps Santa’s second-shift trip?

There are two special appearances by Santa Claus that get rave reviews, year after year. The first is at the Oberoi, on the Red Sea, where Santa skips the reindeer and instead takes his journey by camel. After his caravan arrives at the hotel, Santa starts up a Christmas party in which children and adults alike get into the spirit of the holiday. Oh, and we can’t forget about the stockings filled with holiday cookies!

For those who seek a traditional Christmas with dramatic flair, the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia delivers. With a gentle dusting of snow on the ground, a classic horse-drawn sleigh is brought right up to the door of the hotel. After visitors snap pictures of the fantastic sleigh, they can attend the Gingerbread Ball, a holiday bash, and then check out the life-size sculpture of Santa and his reindeer.

It’s worth traveling to a resort just to see Santa hard at work. Resort and vacation Santas are well-known for their exceptional cheer, and a trip to a hot location come Christmas always needs a few holiday extras to make the holidays feel just as jovial. These Santa Claus luxury hotel drop-ins should do the trick!

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