Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warm and Luxurious Places to Go This Winter

It's cold outside, snowing in some places one might be tuning in from, and that means shoveling yourself out of the driveway or at least contending with the icy blasts that come from a big northeastern gale. Instead of fighting the cold without respite, you can always plan a break from the white stuff with a trip a little closer to the equator.

On to the suggestions...

The Caribbean: Crystal-blue waters are something you need to see at least once in your life, and going to the Caribbean is a good way to check that off your bucket list. Forget the local lake—now probably frozen over or at least totally freezing cold—and swim with dolphins, snorkel, and lounge. When you're not taking in the supremely amazing weather in the Caribbean, you should be taking advantage of amazing deals .

Central America: If you're not a resort-lounger and you prefer a touch of adventure, you should really consider heading to Central America for the exploration of a lifetime. Ruins of lost civilizations can easily be arranged through your high-quality, totally luxurious hotel, which means that you can suit up, head out in the jungle with a guide, and then relax with an in-room massage after. It's a nice change of pace from ice-skating across the parking lot and crashing on the couch at night!

Africa: Africa's another unusual, but exciting, stop for travelers. This country is an absolute wonder to navigate, explore, and film, and there are multiple luxury lodges perched right on the edge of nature preserves and some of Africa's finest natural wonders. If Africa has always interested you, but you feel intimidated, then you should try booking through a travel agency like ours, which will help you arrange your visas and get everything ready in short order.

The Maldives: If you're a beach bum, then the Maldives are a good place to visit. They are quiet and tranquil, and best of all, you can stay in one of those luxury huts that so many people love! Lounge in the sand and soak up the rays, and you should be able to last the rest of the winter back home.

South America: South America is a lot of things, and boring isn't one of them. Stay in a hotel in Peru and enjoy luxurious, traditional South American cuisine, and then trek to Machu Piccu for the trip of a lifetime. If you want to try another trip, go to Brazil and take advantage of the high-end shipping in the city of Sao Paulo, or the fantastic local fares in Northern Brazil, where it's closer to the equator and plenty warm.

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