Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Bathroom Views

If you’re a fan of views from your living space or guest room then you’ll be pleased to learn more about hotels with stunning views from not just your suite’s main space, but from the bathroom as well. Stock up on bubble bath, collect a pile of fluffy towels, and consider buying a waterproof, one-time-use camera to bring into the bath with you! These are some of the best hotel bathroom views in the world.

Post Ranch Inn
Soak in the tub after a long horseback ride and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Big Sur coastline. The Post Ranch Inn, located off Highway One, combines rustic beauty and incredible natural sights to reach a place on Travel + Leisure’s international “best bathroom views” list.

“Mountainviews include views of the Santa Lucia peaks and rugged Ventana Wilderness. If you want to be even closer to nature, head outdoors for a soak in a stainless-steel hot tub on the private terrace,” Travel + Leisure coos.

Jade Mountain
Jade Mountain’s breathtaking views even extend to the bathtub. This luxury hotel rises majestically over the untouched beach and clear water, complemented by the stunning architectural triumph of the Jade Mountain Resort. Bold design is exactly what allows such amazing views for all guests, including the “absence of a fourth wall” to create the essential stage-like setting for visitors to Jade Mountain. This open-to-the-elements hotel design invites natural beauty into your room like no other hotel in the world.

Travel + Leisure describes: “You can unwind [in the bathroom] in a whirlpool tub, which is raised above the rest of the living area, for unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea and the verdant mountainsides of the Pitons World Heritage Site.”

Hotel Plaza Athenee
Everyone needs to go to Paris once--and when you do that, you should also try staying in a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Since not every room features views of the iconic tower, be sure to request the Terrace Eiffel Suites on the hotel’s top floor. You can make the window turn opaque for privacy, or you can leave the glass “au naturale” to see the glowing, breathtaking sight of the Eiffel Tower by night.

Six Senses at Zighy Bay
This hotel’s rustic appearance doesn’t mean that you’re not getting top-billed views from your bathroom. Sensitively blending in with its surroundings, the Six Senses at Zighy Bay is situated between sandy beach and mountains in Oman. It’s not just the hotel bathrooms that have great views, of course--booking a meal at the hilltop restaurant means that you’ll be spoiled by views of sparkling, crystal waters of the Gulf of Oman. As for that bathroom, the enclosed patio in the Private Reserve Suite gives you peeks of the gulf, too.

You might not have a view in the bathroom at home, but that’s the beauty of booking at a top-rated hotel with Exclusive Complimentary Perks--you can get nearly anything you’ve dreamed of.

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