Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hottest Travel Destinations of the Year

2011 is here, resolutions are in full swing, and we need to start planning for our vacations for the year. With a list prepared and luggage ready to go, we can take the hottest travel destinations of 2011, find the very best hotels out there, and then book to our hearts’ content.

Travel + Leisure are list makers extraordinaire, and they spared no expense to hunt down the most popular vacation destinations of 2011. If you’ve done London, Paris, Rome, and Vienna, then you should buckle up for exotic trips in less-frequented cities worldwide.

Since you’ll be traveling for such a long time on the plane, you should combine your dreams for an Australian vacation with the plans suggested by Travel+Leisure. Start your trip in the orange-red outback of Kimberley, which features untouched coastline, trails galore, and Aboriginal caves not far from the winding path through the northwestern section of Down Under.

After snapping pictures of the reefs, checking out the areas’s largest town (Broome), and traveling by boat to see the natural wildlife, spend the rest of your time in Australia recuperating at hotels like the Four Seasons Sydney. You’ll be able to take advantage of an adventure-filled break, and then you’ll prepare for the long trip home in the lap of luxury.

Zambia, Central Africa
Going to Zambia is an unforgettable experience, raw and untouched. A trip to Central Africa wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t peppered with large-game viewing, exploring the plains, and nature-gawking in canoe tours and car safaris. Besides ecotourism trips, you should explore all that your hotel has to offer, like views of the dramatic falls from the Royal Livingstone. The Falls Resort is a three-property hotel collection with a good deal of perks and natural views, and with a combination of what the Royal Livingstone calls “luxury, extravagance and sheer indulgence,” it’s sure to please.

Mexico’s a complicated vacationing spot, filled with social contrast, natural beauty, and stunning architectural finds. Travel + Leisure’s leaving time on the Mexico-vacation itinerary to visit the town of San Miguel de Allende, which is now considered a “model for historic preservation.” Delicious, quality restaurants, interesting art finds, and lots of cared-for public space makes for a wonderful sightseeing experience. For your lodging, one top contender is the Casa de Sierra Nevada, which is located right in San Miguel de Allende and offers the “ultimate Mexico experience” for guests. If you’re into cooking and you’d like to replicate Mexican cuisine at home, don’t forget about their Sazon school’s Mexican cooking instruction!

Travel + Leisure’s got the options right there for you, but how will you decide? Sometimes flipping a coin over a couple of the top luxury hotel options is the only way to go.

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