Thursday, January 6, 2011

Luxury Perks Get Bigger, Better in 2011

Have you always planned on traveling like an insider? The VIP treatment is what you'll want if you're going to maximize your vacation experience, and we don't mean the VIP perks you get when you book a luxury hotel room—we're talking above and beyond your usual turn-down, wine tastings, and exploration packages. If you've dreamed of got-to-have-them tickets to shows and events only a select few receive, then these revamped programs at hotels around the world will get you planning your next vacation in an instant.

Top hotels worldwide are luring in customers with exclusive packages to tempt. Low-priced, hard-to-find, or entirely unique options are available to the luxury traveler, particularly after recent changes in the travel industry. Beyond free nights' stays and spa credits, the L.A. Times noted, luxury hotels are upping their game in the new season.

"Service and quality of the product are more important to the luxury customer than the rate," Sam Nazarian, SBE's chief executive, told the press. "The luxury customer changes habits much more infrequently than the business, leisure or rate-conscious customer."

Take the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, for instance. While Las Vegas has been an amazing place to be pampered at a high-ranking hotel and still save, you can now double your exclusive complimentary perks by connecting with a casino loyalty program. On January 11th, the MGM Grand will launch the special benefits program, called M Life, that allows access to 15 of the company's properties around the United States. With your spending tracked at the casinos around the country, personalized rewards are generated according to preferences and pattern.

If events are more your thing, then the Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows should be on your possible hotel-booking list. If you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime event and you can pay the price, this particular hotel has been known to get their guests tickets to the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards—at a price of $5,000 to $15,000 per ticket, of course.

Luxury vacations aren't always about bling and brand-new hotels—there are plenty of locations that combine the old and new. The Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris is the perfect place to get tickets to a fashion show or an exclusive arts event, and the Hotel Principe di Savoia Milano participates in a program as part of the Dorcester Collection, which gives guests the opportunity to book bespoke trips and explorations. For example, opera buffs will swoon over the Principe's insider access to La Scala, which is not normally open to the public.

Looking at the wide range of booking options for the average traveler, we wonder how you'll be able to choose. To start, you might want to list all the countries you've dreamed of visiting, and see if a VIP perks package happens to be available in one of those locations. If you're still stuck on which hotel to select, you can always contact your luxury travel agency to find out about seasonal promotions that could correspond with the trip of a lifetime. Since many hotels have the connections to get visitors into top events, you'll only get the best deal by finding out what's on right now.

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