Thursday, February 24, 2011

See These Islands Before You Die

An island vacation is a bucket-list essential, but it’s not just a question of simply booking a Caribbean getaway and jetting off. You might want to experience a true island escape, but if you don’t know what one’s like, let the experts help you. Some islands truly are better than others, but it’s a question of "amazing" and "breathtaking." Still, if you’re going to invest in luxury travel, shouldn’t it be on the best your money can buy?

Bali: The Island of Gods
Bali isn’t just somewhere loved by Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love, but a place of natural wonder and spiritual enlightenment. Bali’s strong Hindu population (comprising 93% of the population) means that you can explore gorgeous temples and check out complex, colorful celebrations almost daily.

St. Regis Bali
121 suites and villas make up this exquisite resort, decorated with Balinese art. The St. Regis Bali features gardens and private pools near all guest quarters, and the soft beaches of Nusa Dua aren't far off from your accommodations.

Four Seasons Resort Bali
This expansive resort regularly receives accolades for its service, and you'll notice why right away at the Four Seasons Resort Bali. At this kid-friendly location, you've got to take time to explore the Indonesian spa and oceanside dining that make this spot so perfect for luxury-seekers.

Key West
If you want to travel, but you don’t want to go too far, then Key West is your place. Surrounded by sparkling water, but still a hop-and-a-skip from mainland Florida, Key West is home to North America’s only living coral reef. The lowland island has select sandy beaches and a funky, laid-back lifestyle, and its colorful buildings are photo-op ready at any time.

Casa Marina Resort
The tropical elegance at the Casa Marina Resort has been drawing movie stars and the idle rich since the 1920s, and now you have a chance to explore what's been keeping it alive all these years. The landmark resort combines Old Key West with the new, and you can't forget to spend a night on the patio while you're there.

Palm Islands Dubai
From all the islands in the world, the Palm Islands might be considered the very best. Why? They were engineered by experts to be a manmade paradise, with destination resorts and high-end shopping options around every corner.

Madinat Jumeirah
This Arabian resort will have you wishing to extend your vacation as soon as you see it explode in bright lights after sunset. The hotel, both opulent and traditional, is connected to places of interest by Venice-like waterways. Don't forget about the Six Senses Spa.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel
598 rooms in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel means that you won't have trouble finding the perfect suite. 20 international restaurants, cafes, and bars and a luxury marina give you a great chance to dine and stroll under the Middle Eastern moon.

Bora Bora
Gorgeous waters surrounding Bora Bora are best seen as close as possible, and you can’t get much closer than in one of the stilt-legged huts on the coast of the idyllic island. If you need somewhere to recharge that’s heavy on the beauty and on the luxury, than one of the world’s most beautiful islands should do the trick.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
Thatched huts connected by a snaking walkway are exactly what most of us picture when it comes to resort vacations in Bora Bora. If stilt-living isn't for you, there are also seven beachfront villas available for booking at the Four Seasons Bora Bora.

Intercontinental La Moana Bora Bora
Two white sand beaches and a collection of intimate bungalows is the setting for your Bora Bora vacation at the Intercontinental La Moana, but it's just where things start. Take advantage of water sports and cultural exploration via concierge service at one of Bora Bora's top luxury resorts.

CNN’s list goes on, and your bucket list is sure to grow longer. After all, one island vacation won’t suffice when there’s so many stunning island destination across the globe.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best of Presidential Getaways

You may not be the president of the United States, but you can vacation like the forty-four men who have led the country. Some presidential getaways are better than others, though, so we’re taking a look at only the best presidential escapes via Shermans Travel.

The Bahamas
Franklin D. Roosevelt took to the Bahamas whenever he had a chance to live it up, and the beautiful water and soft sand beaches provide a perfect opportunity to swim, dive, and fish. In fact, the 32nd president made several trips to take in the sun and cast a line in one of the top vacation spots in the world.

What Shermans Travel Says: “You might have a real 'fish story' to tell once you've vacationed in this premier sportfishing spot – the presidential vacation-worthy islands claim more than 50 record catches.”

Where to Stay: The One & Only Club Bahamas has 106 rooms with views of the beach and ocean beyond. Dine on the beach at Dune, take in a casual dining experience at the Beach Bar and Grill, or hit the Courtyard Terrace for al fresco dining.

Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Hyannis Port is a quiet vacation locale that’s not just enjoyable to see once, but to spend leisurely annual vacations with the family. The Kennedys certainly used to stick to this rule of thumb, regularly vacationing at a compound dubbed the “Summer White House.” President Kennedy referred to Hyannis Port as a place "to be revived, to know again the power of the sea, and the Master who rules over it and all of us." Prepare yourself to enjoy crunchy fried seafood and refreshing, salty air while seeing the sights.

What Shermans Travel Says: “When you see those classic photos of JFK and Jackie on a sailboat with the wind blowing through their gorgeous hair, you're looking at the waters off Cape Cod.”

Where to Stay: Chatham Bars Inn has been restored and perfected for the best New England-style luxury vacation experience. The individual guest cottages are spaced far apart and allow for plenty of privacy during your stay.

Key West, Florida
Some might argue that the drive to Key West itself is half the fun, but when you get there, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide. President Harry Truman had his “Little White House” on Key West and spent an impressive 175 days there. In fact, Truman’s trips south, beginning in 1946, helped to drive pleasure and sun seekers to Key West. Be sure to stay a day on the beach when you’re not touring and eating conch.

What Sherman Travel Says: “Take a tour of the very house where Truman and his go-to guys enacted bills, prepared budgets, and even composed the State of the Union address during their many visits.”

Where to Stay: The Casa Marina Resort & Beach Club is positioned on Key West’s southern edge and has been an attraction since in the 1920s.

Santa Barbara, California
Ronald Reagan’s Western White House was his favorite spot for recharging, and it’s no wonder than he found Santa Barbara restful. His 688-acre Rancho del Cielo features some of the most beautiful views in the country. His home, for example, overlooks the Santa Ynez Valley and the Pacific Ocean, and he once commented "No place before or since has ever given Nancy and me the joy and serenity [Rancho del Cielo] does."

What Sherman Travel Says: “Though the general public can't tour the ranch, the idyllic wine country, bucolic landscapes, palm-fringed Pacific beaches, gourmet fare, and posh hotels of Santa Barbara, are sure to inspire you the same way they did the man who was both movie star and 40th President of the United States.”

Where to Stay: The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa has great views just like Rancho del Cielo, but unlike Regan’s favorite spot, you can stay here!

Vacationing like a president might be even more enjoyable than how the president kicks back, since you won’t be followed by the secret service or have to get security clearance for every destination on your itinerary. Go ahead, live it up! What's first on the list?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hotels of the Future

Hotels floating in the sky and hovering over the ocean, gleaming with silver beams and plenty of glass to let light in. The service and the advantages are still the same, but these aren't standard hotels: these are hotels of the future. These cutting-edge projects might be standard stays for our grandchildren, but today they are cutting-edge dreams and real-life test projects that have hotel developers ready for more.

Aircruise Dirigible

Are you familiar with the dirigible? The Zeppelin-style aircraft led to some amazing developments in flight, and Alberto Santos-DuMont, a Brazilian aviation pioneer, flew the first dirigible balloon in Paris at the turn of the century. He might have used his as daily transportation for shopping and dining, but today the Aircruise Dirigible is designed to stay up--way up--for much longer. This unusual space is a hotel concept designed to float 870 feet in the air, and is currently being developed by Samsung. The dirigible won’t be a single-guest experience, but it won’t be a packed hotel, either: the dirigible contains four duplex apartments, a penthouse, and five small apartments, plus public areas.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Cerulean Tower is the tallest landmark in Shibuya and has expansive banquet halls as well as top-of-the-line luxury features.

Jesolo Magica, Jesolo, Italy

Think that Sydney’s innovative theatre architecture stands alone? The Jesolo Magica takes a certain element from the building type--soaring, white, and geometrically appealing--and drops it right across the way from Venice, a most unexpected pairing. The destination, planned to serve as the gateway to resort town Jesolo, features plenty of future-ready innovations to power the resort locale: solar cells, special angled windows, and shaded canopies. Solar cells even heat the water in the Jesolo Magica.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Park Hyatt Sydney offers amazing views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and private balconies allow for the best view of the harbour.

VietinBank Business Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam

Once we get that dirigible flying around the world, we can appreciate something like the VietinBank Business Centre a lot more. The 68-story destination forms a perfect, intentional “V” shape when viewed from the sky, and these luxury towers are currently being constructed in Hanoi. Next to bank headquarters will be the second tower, 48 floors high, which will house hotel accommodations and luxury spa. Nearby is another luxe spot that will host all the cafes and shopping spots you could need. It’ll be ready in 2014.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Trump International Hotel & Tower reaches 92 stories and is constructed from stainless steel and tinted glass. Plus, the flight to Chicago won’t be nearly as long!

Mountain Bike Hotel, Pregasina, Italy

Congrats to students Anton Fromm and Philip Michael Schambelan for this clever concept. Their hotel proposal is as charming as it is interesting, and perhaps we’ll see this concept come to life soon. The Mountain Bike Hotel in Pregasina, Italy is a jumble of steel parts (recyclable at that!) planned to cut back on the need for central air conditioning due to their ingenious positioning on the mountain slope. The 28-room hotel is designed with the bike lover in mind, with graded slopes for your mountain biking pleasure.

Your Luxury Substitute: Stay in the Caesar Park Rio, and then try hiking up to Christ the Redeemer on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil, and then booking a day trip to Paraty Island.

These hotels mark a fresh direction in design, and you’ll already be able to see advanced touches at more accessible luxury hotels. Instead of floating in the ocean or taking to the air, you’ll find open suites that come sans fourth wall at Jade Mountain and a freshly renovated city spot at London’s Brown Hotel, with the elegance of yesteryear retained in a £24 million restoration.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spa Lovers, Unite: Best Spas in the World

There are many options for spa goers and relaxation seekers in the world, but a mall chair massage and a 90-minute oceanside rub-down have nothing to do with each other. If you want to get your kinks out from the job and have a story to tell about one of the best spa experiences ever, then these spa lover picks are the best options for you.

Carmel Forest Spa Resort
Israel is a fantastic spa destination, although it might not be the first place that comes to mind. The Carmel Forest Spa Resort is a good place to get your standard spa services, and then combine them with real health advice by doctors. The Carmel Forest Spa Resort is currently adding two new suites with a swimming pool, gym, and butler, so if you’re looking for something even more luxurious, there it is!

What CNN Says: “A spa dietitian plans a program for you upon arrival. But following it may be difficult, even with the calorie counts posted: It's hard to resist the homemade yogurt and granola with a morning cappuccino, followed by a ‘proper’ breakfast of eggs with grainy toast (warning: The house-made cherry-tomato jam is addictive) and, of course, ‘elevenses’ of banana bread.”

Hotel & Spa Notes: This resort is the largest in Israel, and you’re welcome to bring your family, too. The Carmel Forest Spa Resort offers more than 60 beauty and health treatments, so you might want to have something in mind before you go there.

There’s a fantastic new program at Miraval, planned for those looking to rejuvenate themselves for the long-term, not just for the stint at their spa of choice. “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” kicks off with two medical consultations that identify why you feel the way you feel, identifying health issues that are leaving you tired or heavier, for example. After you leave Miraval, you do weekly check-ins to determine your progress.

“Our current health-care system is not designed to help people with the day to day of what it takes to live a healthy life," says Andrew Weil, M.D., who created the program. "When people see their doctors, it's often because illness or disease has already occurred."

Hotel & Spa Notes: Miraval has been recognized by Travel + Leisure, SpaFinder, Spa Magazine, and Condé Nast Traveler as a top retreat.

This Costa Rica resort underwent an amazing $4.5 million renovation and pursues an environmentally and socially-sensitive program. Besides the impressive work in the community and on the 750 acres surrounding the resort, Tabacon flaunts great interior design and decorating. Look for the suites that provide amazing views of Arenal, Costa Rica’s most active volcano. As for spa treatments, the volcanic mud wrap comes highly recommended.

What CNN Says: “The Grand Spa itself is hidden in plain sight: across a footbridge, behind lush green walls. In the Temazcal sweat lodge, heated by lava rock, guests can take part in an ancient steam-bath ritual. Each of the treatment areas, under thatched roofs and without walls, is completely out of view from any other.”

Hotel & Spa Notes: This 114 guest room hotel is located nearby the hot springs of Tabacon and was mentioned by Modern Bride as a top 5 destination for a honeymoon.

It’s almost unnecessary to comment that, in order to make the most of these luxurious destinations, you’ll need to take advantage of the wide range of spa services available at these spots--and not just the ones you like at home, either. Get a 60-minute massage, yes, but then take things to another level with a salt rub, a mud bath, craniosacral massage, and more!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where Are the Best Movie Beaches?

Movies might transport us to a better, however fictional world, but those spy flicks featuring crystal-clear waters and soft sand aren’t fake. If you’ve ever been watching a movie and wondered “where’s that?” when you see a tropical paradise on-screen, Budget Travel looked at the best beaches in the world, as featured in the movies.

Phi Phi Leh, Thailand—The Beach
Maya Bay received some digital enhancement for the film, with a special fourth side added to enhance the illusion of seclusion. Don’t worry, though: it’s still magnificent. Maya Bay is popular with snorklers because of its shallow, clear water and its great coral formations, and the beach is framed by limestone cliffs. It might not be Thailand’s last untouched beach, as it was in the film, but still feels like it.

What Budget Travel Says: "Even to this day, there are no rental bungalows, but you are allowed to make like DiCaprio and camp overnight. Visit on a daytrip from the southwestern Thai resort towns of Phuket and Krabi, via a mix of ferry and longtail boat rides."

Where to Stay in Thailand: Stay in Phuket for the night before venturing to Phi Phi Leh Beach. The Banyon Tree Phuket's luxury resort settings will impress even the pickiest of travelers and holds awards from international publications and travel groups. Try the pool villa accommodations, and be sure to clear your schedule for plenty of time by the Andaman Sea.

Cape St. Francis, South Africa—The Endless Summer
Endless Summer's Robert August and Mike Hynson go on a search for the perfect wave and end up in South Africa, where they climb a dune and see the break of their dreams. Surfers, it’s worth the trek to visit the break, called Bruce’s Beauties, during a trip to South Africa, and you’ll still have all the tourist diversions nearby. The break lies a mile from pretty Cape St. Francis, and the best time to visit is from May to September.

What Budget Travel Says: “The perfect ride does not come so easily. The flight between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth in the southeast is about 90 minutes and Cape St. Francis is a 90-minute drive to the south from there along N2 road and R330.”

Where to Stay in South Africa: When staying in Johannesburg, book the Westcliff Hotel. Recognized for its panoramic views and low-key, leisurely setting, the resort still features an outstanding business facility to meet all guests' needs. An extensive wine list and gorgeous night views make this tucked-away resort a must-book experience.

Leo Carrillo Beach, Malibu, California—The Karate Kid
Want to make like a master and practice your kung-fu on the sand? The Leo Carrillo beach is the site of the famous Karate Kid training, where student and teacher practice their “crane” stance. If you’re not going to be able to travel to out-of-the-way destinations, then this Malibu spot needs to be on your list.

What Budget Travel Says: “Framed by sycamore trees and steep headlands, the 1.5-mile-long coastline is a favorite with surfers, swimmers, and picnickers up from Los Angeles.”

Where to Stay in Los Angeles County: Balance all of that beach-strolling with a stay in L.A.'s Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. The hotel boasts over 700 guest rooms and is situated just right on the west side, near Beverly Hills. Shopping, dining, and sightseeing is all nearby.

One&Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas—Casino Royale
James Bond returned in 2006’s Casino Royale, and so did our love of the Bahamas. In the film, Daniel Craig stops a woman returning from a horseback ride in a breathtaking location. A gorgeous beach stretches along the One&Only, and the spot is just 15 minutes away from Nassau, despite its secluded vibe.

What Budget Travel Says: “Most of the island's 3.6-mile-long, white-sand beach is open to the public.”

Where to Stay: You can stay at the same exclusive resort featured on Casino Royale--the One&Only Ocean Club Bahamas. Besides the stunning stretch of sand right outside your door, there are tumbling gardens and complimentary afternoon drinks to be experienced--think Versailles meets ocean paradise.

Have you ever found a too-good-to-be-true beach?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Watch Butler ! What's next?

At the heart of Swiss watchmaking in Geneva, The Rocco Forte Collection’s Le Richemond Hotel has introduced an intelligent new service which prospective watch buyers will find hard to resist. The hotel is the first in the world to celebrate the art, craft and expertise of Swiss watchmaking by appointing a dedicated Watch Butler.

The Watch Butler, Pierre Jacques, is the head of the well-known luxury watch boutique Les Ambassadeurs, located in Geneva’s rue du Rhone. He was previously owner and editor of the industry bible, GMT Magazine, and is an ‘Haute Horlogerie’ specialist. With access to 24 elite luxury brands – mainly Swiss-made – and also to some rare and exceptional collectors’ timepieces, he is well-placed to share his knowledge and expertise with Le Richemond’s guests, either privately at the hotel or on a specially arranged visit by limousine to Les Ambassadeurs.

The service, which is complimentary to guests staying at Le Richemond, is tailor made and starts by inviting guests to peruse a brand list before requesting to view any particular timepieces. Most of the brands available are manufactured in or around Geneva and, for added interest; the Watch Butler is also able to arrange private visits to the manufacturing sites for Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis and Franck Muller amongst others.

Geneva is nothing if not the best place in the world in which to invest in a luxury timepiece. The Swiss watch and clock industry took root there in the 16th century, when Calvinist reforms banning the wearing of jewels forced the goldsmiths and other jewellers to develop a new, independent craft. By the end of the century Genevan watches were already renowned for their exceptional quality, and in 1601 the Watchmakers’ Guild of Geneva was established, as the first of its kind. A century later, with Geneva becoming crowded with watchmakers, many decided to leave for the Jura Mountains, and their successors remain – and work – in La Chaux-de-Fonds and other ‘watch valley’ sites to this day.

Over four centuries, names like Abraham-Louis Perrelet, Adrien Philippe, Frederic Ingold and Georges Lechot honed their techniques and levels of craftsmanship, and never shied away from innovation and development. As a result, Switzerland can claim an impressive array of firsts. The first wristwatch, the first quartz watch, the first water-resistant wristwatch, the thinnest, smallest or most expensive wristwatches: all came from the Swiss valleys. It is a tradition which has kept the Swiss watchmaking industry at the forefront in the world.

Guests at Le Richemond are now invited to become part of this tradition through the expertise of the Watch Butler. Les Ambassadeurs, established in Geneva in 1964, specialises in high-end luxury Swiss watches. It has a collection of vintage and antique watches and can source rare timepieces if the collector wishes. It also has boutiques in Zurich, Lugarno and St Moritz.

Rooms at Le Richemond start at 470 chf.

The Art of Watch-making Package, includes a welcome glass of champagne, breakfast, the Watch Butler Service, a Manufacturing plant visit, a visit of Patek Philippe Museum and a dinner at Le Jardin, starts at 725 chf.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exploring America’s Riviera

We’re so quick to think of places outside of the U.S. as exotic, romantic, or fascinating that we often forget about the places under our noses, like the Miami area’s “Riviera.” Even if you live in Florida--or in Miami, for that matter--there are places to explore. Hop in a SoBe rickshaw, take an Art Deco tour, sit alongside Ocean Drive bathed in neon light... that’s just the start of the leisure options. America’s Riviera is one of the most inspiring destinations for boating and yacht enthusiasts, providing snaking canals and wide-open bay cruising for sailboats, yachts, dinghies, and even kayaks.

CNN’s been exploring the Miami area for some of the best places for boating enthusiasts, and these were their top choices.

Biscayne Bay
Planning on fishing from your boat? Biscayne Bay extends all the way to the Florida Keys and has been called a “sailing paradise.” You can fish in nearly any category when you take to Biscayne Bay, and then you can sail right on by the Vizcaya Museum, where you can easily pull in and anchor. The Tea Room Pergola sits at the shore at Vizcaya and would be a great resting spot on land.

Accommodation Suggestion:

Four Seasons Hotel Miami
This hotel sits a single block away from Biscayne Bay, and it’s been called a “sophisticated urban oasis” by reviewers. Just a drive across the bridge will take you to Miami Beach, and the view itself from the glittering hotel makes it worth looking into.

South Beach
Not just for the young set, South Beach is perfect for Art Deco touring and watching boats drift by on the beach. Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant, established in 1913, is a must-visit Miami eatery and first started out when Collins Avenue was a rutted dirt road. Today, South Beach is teeming with sights and shopping options, and it’s the perfect place to take the night off, too. Staying close by will allow you to make the most of your stay.

Accommodation Suggestions:

Hotel Victor South Beach
Want to see the Art Deco district up close? Hotel Victor in South Beach is in the perfect spot to give you views of passerby and those famed Miami Art Deco buildings. Vibrant and well-decorated, Hotel Victor South Beach also offers international dining and an al fresco terrace.

The Tides South Beach
All of the suites at The Tidal South Beach flaunt gorgeous ocean views, so you won’t need to worry about what room to book. The hotel offers personal assistants to assist in concierge requests and prides itself on its attractiveness to families, business travelers, and lone leisure-seekers.

Coconut Grove
Need to be closer to the boating action? Coconut Grove has a big harbor and is also the home of the Miami Yacht Club. The quiet neighborhood is a great destination for those who have “done” South Beach on a previous trip or who are just looking for another side of Miami. Be sure to stop by the Barnacle Historic State Park, which was planned in the 1800s by “Renaissance Man” Commodore Ralph Munroe.

Accommodation Suggestion:

The Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne
Located not far from Coconut Grove is the Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne, which provides every bit of adventure and relaxation expected from a Miami hotel. Tucked away from the urban Miami life, it provides a complement to daytime exploration of Coconut Grove. Restaurant Cioppino One’s hotel is ranked among Esquire Magazine’s “America’s Best New Restaurants” list.

Exploring Miami takes more than one trip, and if you want to explore it by boat? Get ready to become a Miami addict, because the fishing and boating opportunities are unparalleled.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Travel + Leisure Names Top Caribbean Resorts

Travel + Leisure’s experience with finding the right resorts for luxury-minded travelers is among the best in the world. The Caribbean resorts on their newest list, "Best Resorts in the Caribbean," focused on the uniqueness of the locations in addition to the individual spot’s luxuriousness. Why? It’s easy--Caribbean resorts are already in a class of their own, with sand and surf at your toes within minutes of leaving your beautiful guest suites.

As Travel + Leisure explains, they used the results of their T+L 500 series to tally top Caribbean resorts. Travelers who are dedicated to the area have very strong opinions about the best places to stay, and the winners of the poll included 29 properties on 12 islands. The Caribbean locale with the most destinations on its land? Jamaica, with six top hotels as chosen by Travel + Leisure readers!

Some of our favorites, which also flaunt Exclusive Complimentary Perks?

Jamaica Inn
Jamaica Inn was listed as Travel + Leisure’s No. 3 property, and its accommodations are as good as one can imagine. Imagine having your bed always freshly made, no matter when you tumbled into it last, and take your pick of a refreshing tropical drink served in the afternoon. Champagne-colored sand stretches for 700 feet outside the Jamaica Inn and proves to be its most popular daytime stopping point, and you can even get your lunch delivered on the beach.

What Travel + Leisure Says: “This 60-year-old Ocho Rios property features 47 suites awash in whimsical periwinkle blue, plus an alfresco dining terrace where guests are invited to slow dance to live music.”

Regent Palms Turks and Caicos
This vacation spot is on the list for the first time, and that means that the Regent Palms is one of the top destinations for vacationing in the Caribbean right now. In fact, the past holiday season booked up exceptionally quickly because of its popularity, so this hotel is wonderfully suited for those who love planning well in advance. This destination flaunts superior services and amenities, wonderful beachfront guest rooms with a kitchen and a washer/dryer unit, and an array of leisure activities including water sports, tennis, and indoor fitness.

What Travel + Leisure Says: “Set on scenic Grace Bay, the resort is known for its airy, kitchen-equipped suites and award-winning spa.”

Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa
Ah, Bermuda. Tucker’s Point might feel like a tucked-away bit of the globe, but it’s actually 90 minutes away from many east-coast U.S. cities. With options for families, couples, and travel groups, the hotel has gotten buzz in short time. Travel + Leisure points out that Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa is the first new resort built on Bermuda in 37 years, and the youngest on their list.

What Travel + Leisure Says: “Tucker’s Point is palatial, opulent, and lavishly appointed; the sprawling 88-unit resort oozes British colonial charm, including a stately whitewashed manor house with contemporary art and period antiques plus spacious guest rooms, each with a private balcony, plantation-style hardwood furniture, Egyptian linens, and island-inspired Lili Bermuda bath products.”

No matter where you’re from in the world, there’s something particularly freeing about staying in the Caribbean. Judging from the flood of Travel + Leisure readers voting from their favorite resorts, it’s smart to book one of the winning properties now.