Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best of Presidential Getaways

You may not be the president of the United States, but you can vacation like the forty-four men who have led the country. Some presidential getaways are better than others, though, so we’re taking a look at only the best presidential escapes via Shermans Travel.

The Bahamas
Franklin D. Roosevelt took to the Bahamas whenever he had a chance to live it up, and the beautiful water and soft sand beaches provide a perfect opportunity to swim, dive, and fish. In fact, the 32nd president made several trips to take in the sun and cast a line in one of the top vacation spots in the world.

What Shermans Travel Says: “You might have a real 'fish story' to tell once you've vacationed in this premier sportfishing spot – the presidential vacation-worthy islands claim more than 50 record catches.”

Where to Stay: The One & Only Club Bahamas has 106 rooms with views of the beach and ocean beyond. Dine on the beach at Dune, take in a casual dining experience at the Beach Bar and Grill, or hit the Courtyard Terrace for al fresco dining.

Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Hyannis Port is a quiet vacation locale that’s not just enjoyable to see once, but to spend leisurely annual vacations with the family. The Kennedys certainly used to stick to this rule of thumb, regularly vacationing at a compound dubbed the “Summer White House.” President Kennedy referred to Hyannis Port as a place "to be revived, to know again the power of the sea, and the Master who rules over it and all of us." Prepare yourself to enjoy crunchy fried seafood and refreshing, salty air while seeing the sights.

What Shermans Travel Says: “When you see those classic photos of JFK and Jackie on a sailboat with the wind blowing through their gorgeous hair, you're looking at the waters off Cape Cod.”

Where to Stay: Chatham Bars Inn has been restored and perfected for the best New England-style luxury vacation experience. The individual guest cottages are spaced far apart and allow for plenty of privacy during your stay.

Key West, Florida
Some might argue that the drive to Key West itself is half the fun, but when you get there, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide. President Harry Truman had his “Little White House” on Key West and spent an impressive 175 days there. In fact, Truman’s trips south, beginning in 1946, helped to drive pleasure and sun seekers to Key West. Be sure to stay a day on the beach when you’re not touring and eating conch.

What Sherman Travel Says: “Take a tour of the very house where Truman and his go-to guys enacted bills, prepared budgets, and even composed the State of the Union address during their many visits.”

Where to Stay: The Casa Marina Resort & Beach Club is positioned on Key West’s southern edge and has been an attraction since in the 1920s.

Santa Barbara, California
Ronald Reagan’s Western White House was his favorite spot for recharging, and it’s no wonder than he found Santa Barbara restful. His 688-acre Rancho del Cielo features some of the most beautiful views in the country. His home, for example, overlooks the Santa Ynez Valley and the Pacific Ocean, and he once commented "No place before or since has ever given Nancy and me the joy and serenity [Rancho del Cielo] does."

What Sherman Travel Says: “Though the general public can't tour the ranch, the idyllic wine country, bucolic landscapes, palm-fringed Pacific beaches, gourmet fare, and posh hotels of Santa Barbara, are sure to inspire you the same way they did the man who was both movie star and 40th President of the United States.”

Where to Stay: The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa has great views just like Rancho del Cielo, but unlike Regan’s favorite spot, you can stay here!

Vacationing like a president might be even more enjoyable than how the president kicks back, since you won’t be followed by the secret service or have to get security clearance for every destination on your itinerary. Go ahead, live it up! What's first on the list?

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