Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hotels of the Future

Hotels floating in the sky and hovering over the ocean, gleaming with silver beams and plenty of glass to let light in. The service and the advantages are still the same, but these aren't standard hotels: these are hotels of the future. These cutting-edge projects might be standard stays for our grandchildren, but today they are cutting-edge dreams and real-life test projects that have hotel developers ready for more.

Aircruise Dirigible

Are you familiar with the dirigible? The Zeppelin-style aircraft led to some amazing developments in flight, and Alberto Santos-DuMont, a Brazilian aviation pioneer, flew the first dirigible balloon in Paris at the turn of the century. He might have used his as daily transportation for shopping and dining, but today the Aircruise Dirigible is designed to stay up--way up--for much longer. This unusual space is a hotel concept designed to float 870 feet in the air, and is currently being developed by Samsung. The dirigible won’t be a single-guest experience, but it won’t be a packed hotel, either: the dirigible contains four duplex apartments, a penthouse, and five small apartments, plus public areas.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Cerulean Tower is the tallest landmark in Shibuya and has expansive banquet halls as well as top-of-the-line luxury features.

Jesolo Magica, Jesolo, Italy

Think that Sydney’s innovative theatre architecture stands alone? The Jesolo Magica takes a certain element from the building type--soaring, white, and geometrically appealing--and drops it right across the way from Venice, a most unexpected pairing. The destination, planned to serve as the gateway to resort town Jesolo, features plenty of future-ready innovations to power the resort locale: solar cells, special angled windows, and shaded canopies. Solar cells even heat the water in the Jesolo Magica.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Park Hyatt Sydney offers amazing views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and private balconies allow for the best view of the harbour.

VietinBank Business Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam

Once we get that dirigible flying around the world, we can appreciate something like the VietinBank Business Centre a lot more. The 68-story destination forms a perfect, intentional “V” shape when viewed from the sky, and these luxury towers are currently being constructed in Hanoi. Next to bank headquarters will be the second tower, 48 floors high, which will house hotel accommodations and luxury spa. Nearby is another luxe spot that will host all the cafes and shopping spots you could need. It’ll be ready in 2014.

Your Luxury Substitute: The Trump International Hotel & Tower reaches 92 stories and is constructed from stainless steel and tinted glass. Plus, the flight to Chicago won’t be nearly as long!

Mountain Bike Hotel, Pregasina, Italy

Congrats to students Anton Fromm and Philip Michael Schambelan for this clever concept. Their hotel proposal is as charming as it is interesting, and perhaps we’ll see this concept come to life soon. The Mountain Bike Hotel in Pregasina, Italy is a jumble of steel parts (recyclable at that!) planned to cut back on the need for central air conditioning due to their ingenious positioning on the mountain slope. The 28-room hotel is designed with the bike lover in mind, with graded slopes for your mountain biking pleasure.

Your Luxury Substitute: Stay in the Caesar Park Rio, and then try hiking up to Christ the Redeemer on the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil, and then booking a day trip to Paraty Island.

These hotels mark a fresh direction in design, and you’ll already be able to see advanced touches at more accessible luxury hotels. Instead of floating in the ocean or taking to the air, you’ll find open suites that come sans fourth wall at Jade Mountain and a freshly renovated city spot at London’s Brown Hotel, with the elegance of yesteryear retained in a £24 million restoration.

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