Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bargain-Seekers Find Value in Eygpt

Just because you’re staying in a high-end hotel does not mean that you don’t want the most value for your money while on vacation. Many savvy travelers have made the pages of travel newspapers and magazines for their clever maneuvering for deals after Egypt’s political changes--and they’re still getting some of the best prices in town.

The U.S. State Department marked Egypt as ill-advised for “non-essential travel,” but that’s hardly stopped a handful of tour operators and guides from coming back to the region with deals to spare. Since just after news of Egypt’s uprising, tourists have been getting incredible bargains on hotel rooms and sightseeing, and someone’s got to show them around town. If you decide to book a trip to Egypt, here are some of the current available activities to enjoy once you’re there--at lower prices, of course.

Upscale River Cruises: Traveling down the Nile is like traveling back in time, and now you can do it for less. Begin your journey at the temple of Abu Simel, built over three thousand years ago, and explore the locations of ancient villages and the Temple of Luxor.

Small Guided Trips: Hire a local guide through your hotel concierge to discover statues and monuments that aren't on the average tourist's map. There are small tombs and statues hidden along the Nile away from the beaten path.

“New Egypt” Tours: For the enthusiastic historian, there are opportunities to explore Egypt's recent uprising with expert guides.

Where to Stay
If you already have plans about what to do in Egypt, you’re going to need a place to stay. Instead of worrying over your accommodations, you should consider these options for lower luxury rates with more perks packed in per night.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh
A seaside resort with a layout reminiscent of a hillside village is an easy way to enjoy Egypt. With the Red Sea stretching in front of your accommodations, the Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers 27 suites and three residential villas amongst its guest lodging options.

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria
The Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria has hummed right along through Egypt's uprising, providing a home-away-from-home for deal-seekers and historians alike. The legendary setting continues its dedication to luxury service, making it exceptional for the pleasure traveler, but it’s also kitted out with a high-quality business center and provides complimentary newspapers daily.

Sofitel Cairo
A luxury hotel in the heart of Cairo won’t be surrounded by competitors: this hotel is located right on the Nile River. The elegant hotel destination is the preferred spot for high-class travellers and distinguished international guests, and it offers Exclusive Complimentary Perks to those booking through WhataHotel.com.

Mena House
Did you ever imagine being lucky enough to sleep close to the Great Pyramids of Egypt? The Mena House was one of the first hotels in Cairo to cater to wealthy European travelers, and it has been host to dignitaries, diplomats, and celebrities since it opened in 1869. Richly appointed in the luxurious blend of modern and traditionally-inspired decor, the Mena House Oberoi offers fantastic locally-sourced meals and gourmet dishes in their restaurants, which also offer international cuisine.

The travel guides offering a “Real Egypt” or a “New Egypt” tour while in Cairo have it right: this is a perfect time to visit a city that’s experiencing a transformation. Instead of shying away from great change, you have an opportunity to see it up close, and besides getting an invaluable history lesson, you are getting it for less--even better.

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