Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get Away From it All

Do you like to tuck yourself away from hustle, bustle, and stress in the world? If you do, then you probably have trouble choosing vacations that keep you away from busy resorts and less-than-quiet tourist spots. If your aim is to relax and you want to do it in style, then these places--suited for all “recluses”--are going to suit you.

Get away from it all with a stay at Lizard Island, which provides you with a chance for a private retreat on the Great Barrier Reef. Only a handful of villas along the island make a stay all the more worthwhile, since you can experience the reef like few have (or will!) at luxury accommodations. There are 24 powdery, soft beach options there, and they are exceptionally quiet. Go diving at Cod Hole, one of the most famous places in Australia to head underwater without too much going on around you.

Go to Kenya if you want to experience wide-open spaces--very open--and plenty of big game, but little to no crowding. You can book trips out in the wilderness from a luxury lodge booked through, and you can even opt to sleep out there with the help of Samburu warriors. Ease yourself into the overnight stay by booking nights in the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, which is located on an expanse of 100 acres. This particular luxury hotel was originally the retreat of movie star William Holden, who craved a place away from his Hollywood life. An international jet set destination of the past, the lodge now balances sweeping vistas with quiet activities like horseback riding, croquet, golf, and swimming.

New Zealand
New Zealand and Australia can be visited in a worldwind tour, but why not separate the trips and really get your recluse experiences? Both countries have outstanding opportunities for someone to kick back and get away from everything, and Blanket Bay in New Zealand is an exceptional example amongst the greats. The lodge has received national accolades for its uniqueness, and there are so many quiet, nature-appreciating activities on the luxury lodge’s list for guests to experience. Some of our favorites include canyoning, jet skiing, and horseback riding, but there’s much more. This lodge has been featured in National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and Conde Nast traveler.

Rich in culture and an unforgettable experience for enthusiastic travelers, Thailand might seem like it’s too busy to truly “get lost.” However, when you start browsing exclusive hotels and tucked-away resorts, you’ll find that Thailand’s slice of paradise hasn’t been gobbled up by those looking for a piece of heaven. Aim for meditation getaways and cool water dips when you’re not lounging in a resort surrounded by mountain mist and deep forests. The Anantara Resort and Spa gives guests an opportunity to explore the woods on an elephant or simply soak in a hot tub for two with views of the Mekong. The Anantara Resort & Spa features 22 deluxe rooms with locally-sourced interior decoration, double sliding glass doors, and a balcony.

Got a taste for the exclusive--and the reclusive? These destinations should whet your appetite for traveling to places unknown by much of the world, where you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled on a shangri-la all your own. Perfect for explorers and loungers alike, there are still some places to get lost in the world.

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