Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movies that Will Inspire you to Travel

Are you an enthusiastic traveler, or do you need some nudging to get your trip underway? If you are looking for a new way to inspire your travel, then you should definitely look to these films for hints.

Date Night in New York
A suburban couple ends up on the hit list of crooked cops after a case of mistaken identity, and while we follow this couple through the city, we get to spot hidden lofts, Central Park's boat house, and the type of ultra-hip restaurant for which New York's famous.

What Budget Travel Says: “From the trip through Central Park to a frantic discussion in Times Square to the hilarious cabbie (played by comedian J. B. Smoove) during the chase sequence, the film provides a whirlwind, action-packed tour of some of the most unique sites across New York City.”

Your Hotel Picks

Jumeirah Essex House: 1920 and 1930s style is evoked in this beautifully renovated hotel on Central Park South.

Soho Grand Hotel: Steps from the neighborhoods featured in Date Night, the Soho Grand Hotel's a perfect place to stay when you're looking for the best wining & dining options in New York.

Karate Kid in Beijing (Remake)
We all remember the famous scene where our original Karate Kid stands tall over the beach and practices his moves, but Karate Kid's also inspirational to those who plan on a vacation whirlwind in Asia. This L.A.-to-Beijing tale gives you just enough of a taste of the eastern way of life to spark plans.

What B.T. Says: “Tantalizing shots of the city skyline and the famous Bird's Nest stadium remind us that the city has a modern side as well. The Karate Kid also showcases the mist-enshrouded Wudang Mountains in southern central China, where Han takes Dre to learn about the origins of kung fu at one of the region's many Taoist temples.”

Your Hotel Picks

Park Hyatt Beijing: This gracious and contemporary hotel has an eatery that offers 360-degree views of the city.

Ritz-Carlton Beijing: A trip to one of the world's most vibrant cities requires a special kind of hotel stay—modern, sleek, and intuitive for guests of all types.

The Tourist in Venice
Intrigue meets arching, complicated canals in The Tourist, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Waterways look all the more mysterious when accompanied by a tricky, fascinating plot, after all.

What B.T. Says: “Despite the lack of streets, Venice is easily one of the world's best cities for walking. Perambulate over countless bridges, through marketplaces, and into its many hidden niches.”

Your Hotel Picks

Hotel Gritti Palace: Built in 1925, this hotel provides access to the Venice Lido and is situated right on the grand canal.

Bauer Hotel: The Bauer hotel's attraction goes far beyond its great facade—this hotel features ancient Venetian art and sits directly on the water, emulating a docking ship.

Eat Pray Love in Bali
Julia Roberts seeks peace of mind and adventure in Bali, and moviegoers looked for stunning vistas, quiet sanctuaries, and sweeping landscapes. You might not be riding your bicycle between tiny Bali villages, but you can snap picturesque trails and passageways suited for the adventurous types, plus quiet streams, statues, and cool huts.

What B.T. Says: “It may not be an original choice, but it just wouldn't be right to leave Eat Pray Love off of our list: It's basically a movie adaptation of a travel catalogue! While you might not end up running into the love of your life like Gilbert did, you will at least find lush tropics, astonishing beaches, white-water rafting, and a fascinating local culture.”

Your Hotel Picks

Four Season Resort Bali at Sayan: Fantastic ocean views are the icing on the cake at this private hotel with villa and suite options.

Como Shambhala Estate: All guests are assigned a personal assistant while they stay at this gorgeous destination set right in the forest.

What's the top pick on your travel list?

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