Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow Skiing in Dubai?

When one imagines Dubai, it's often with glittering glass office buildings soaring above the ultra-modern streets—and all the luxury attractions for which Dubai is well-known. However, Dubai's more than just a spot to max out the credit card on stuff—there are plenty of ways to explore the sands beyond the city.

For a quick trip out of Dubai, consider dune exploration in an all-terrain vehicle over high sand dunes. Booked through your luxury hotel or via an indication from your hotel concierge, “dune bashing” is a fun way to see beyond Dubai and get your adrenaline rush for the day. If you fall in love with the adventurous outing, there's always a Bedouin safari to book, with its caravan camping and traditional Arabic snacks in-between dune bashing and camel riding.

Those not interested in sandy pursuits can instead explore green pastures on one of Dubai's golf courses, and then... skiing? It's true: Dubai has a Mall of Emirates' Ski Dubai Park that also features tobogganing hills, bobsled rides, and plenty of wide-open space. Combine that with a trip to a desert spa the next day, and you'll have gone full-circle!

Where to Stay in Dubai
Dubai's hotels are some of the most luxurious in the world, and you'll find them worth the wait. Stretching their shadows across sands and sea, Dubai's premier hotels aren't just the high-rises for which Dubai has become known, but low, manicured destinations with a distinctive Middle Eastern vibe. Many combine local décor with modern convenience and top-of-the-line features, and the spas offer more than just simple scrubs and massages—get ready for some brand-new treatments for even the most jaded of spa aficionados!

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
The Jumeirah Beach Hotel has been cleverly conceived to mimic a breaking wave along the shore, and this hotel is a prime example of the ultra-modern accommodations one can find in Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel features a top marina for your yachting or sailing requirements, free access to the Wild Wadi Water Park, and a stretch of manicured sand lined by international restaurants.

Burj Al Arab
This Dubai landmark has been designed to look like a billowing sail, and its design is complemented by the glittering water all around it. A can't-miss on the city skyline and positioned for prime views, the Burj Al Arab is a landmark amongst international travelers. At night, the hotel is illuminated by choreographed lighting. A private reception desk on every floor makes your stay at Burj Al Arab all the more comfortable.

Al Qasr
Glimmering by the waterfront, Al Qasr is a jewel of the Middle East and a stunning hotel selection for those looking to experience the old, authentic Dubai. The resort is considered a “tribute” to the culture of Dubai and is a sprawling location mimicking a citadel in design. Unapologetically opulent, Al Qasr features waterways within its walls for easy transport to destinations like two hotels, a spa, a souk, and a banqueting center. Be sure to take a picture of this magnificent spot by night!

Park Hyatt Dubai
If you have golfers and yacht enthusiasts in your world, then the Park Hyatt Dubai is the place to stay. The striking hotel is considered a haven, but it's not situated far from eateries and shopping options that every tourist must have within close reach. An exclusive day spa awaits beside a state-of-the-art fitness studio.

For those planning a trip to Dubai, but wondering when to go, the prime traveling time is between November and March. If you are looking for fewer crowds, more perks, and less waiting time for attractions, book beyond those months!

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