Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top Romantic Resorts

Romantic getaways are often shown as those fantastic island stops filled with flowers, thatched huts, and clear-as-gin waters, but there’s a reason for that... everyone should experience an intimate island retreat at least once in their life. Luxury hotels the world over offer ambiance and history, but island resorts boast a unique blend of outrageously beautiful sights, total luxury, and seclusion. That sounds like the perfect combination to any couple, we’re sure, and not all island retreats are new, busy, or gimmicky. From heritage sites to nearly hidden destinations, these island retreats are what people look for when it comes to beautiful, romantic vacations.

Little Palm Island
Florida’s Little Palm Island isn’t just an escape for honeymooners, but for celebrities and politicians, too. The different bungalow suites allow for varied vacationing experiences, from the luxe to the super-ultra-premium luxury afforded by the Grand Island Suite. This resort doesn’t allow children (16+ only), and there are no TVs or phones around, so you’re going to be focusing on whomever was lucky enough to travel with you. Indulge in the Thai cuisine while you are there, and go on a diving tour when you finally emerge from your room.

Hotel Highlight: Dine on a terrace, which is perched on the beach, or eat at Little Palm Island's candlelit restaurant.

Spice Island Beach Resort
This Rosewood Resort offers a stay close to nature, and those seeking romance will want to book a suite with a private lawn garden or a private pool. The resort's private beach is only made better by the addition of new Cinnamon and Saffron Suites, which have private porches and custom furnishings. Spice Island calls the new suites the “beach lover’s dream.”

Hotel Highlight: Swing on a hammock on your suite's porch.

Elbow Beach Bermuda
If you don’t have many vacation days available, reduce time spent on a plane by heading to an intimate resort in Bermuda. Sitting on a stretch of private beach, this destination happens to be just five minutes away from the island’s capital, Hamilton. Lush gardens surround Elbow Beach Bermuda and have been enjoyed by guests for over a century. This particular pick is good for couples who want their privacy, but also want the opportunity to explore local towns on afternoons off from beach basking.

Hotel Highlight: Take a picture of the stunning pink sand beach.

Hotel Guanahani and Spa
If you want time to stare into each other’s eyes with no distractions, look into the Hotel Guanahani and Spa, which has an intimate environment perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility by the beach. The recently-renovated resort overlooks Marigot Bay and is situated at the tip of Grand Cul De Sac Bay. For an ultra-calming experience, choose Hotel Guanahani’s white-sand beach on the reef side, which is quieter.

Hotel Highlight: Go for a jet-skiing or snorkeling trip when you're craving adventure.

Cap Juluca
Cap Juluca recently underwent a $20 million renovation that’s given every corner of the hotel a fresh look. New furnishings, new robes, and new features are just an intro to the changes made at this Maundays Bay resort, which is tucked into a romantic crescent. A recent revamp also means improved service and a re-envisioned spa.

Hotel Highlight: Explore the refreshed grounds--Cap Juluca planted 60,000 plants during their renovation.

Is love in the air? The earlier you schedule your stay before your anniversary, the more you can save. Will it be the no-TVs-allowed quiet of Little Palm Island, historic Elbow Beach, or newly-renovated Cap Jaluca--or perhaps something else?

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