Saturday, April 16, 2011

Conde Nast Highlights “Best Of” Destinations

Conde Nast's exacting standards always result in some exciting and innovative “Best Of” picks... and they include lodging all over the world. Conde Nast's choices are interesting and truly global, and what's even better is that some of their selections are featured on as destinations with perks. For the budget-conscious consumer looking for a slice of luxury, that means you can enjoy Conde Nast's “bests” plus additional touches to make your stay more comfortable.

Tasty Bedtime Snack? Try sweet treats at the Ocean House.
The Ocean House is considered one of the last seaside Victorian hotels, and it's not simply a relic of bygone years. Perched high on the bluffs, this hotel recreates a lodging experience from last century, offering a glimpse back in time. This beautiful resort location epitomizes classic New England oceanside hotels.

Conde Nast Recommends: “After a $140 million rebuild that meticulously replicates the original 1868 resort—right down to the painted yellow exterior, stone-by-stone reassemblage of the lobby fireplace, and all 247 windows placed precisely in their original positions—the Ocean House is that rare hotel hybrid that oozes Victorian-era elegance yet banishes any stuffiness thanks to up-to-the-minute mod cons and friendly yet professional service.”

Best Disappearing Act? The TV at the Matakauri Lodge is cleverly concealed.
This lodge is on Conde Nast's list at least in part thanks to its incredible, extensive renovations. The Matakauri Lodge has both suites and villas with private verandas, but it's not just a stop for the wealthy in the middle of nowhere. Au contraire—it also features high-class spa facilities and a restaurant with some of the best cuisine in Queenstown.

Conde Nast Recommends: “The lodge maximizes its scenic surroundings with a number of gorgeous viewing platforms: a large infinity pool (though it is rarely warm enough for swimming), a pretty courtyard with a massive outdoor fireplace next to the dining and lounge area, and the accommodations themselves.”

Best Hotel Beer Named After a Dog? Montage Deer Valley's funny pick.
Montage Deer Valley just opened in December 2010, and you can enjoy this mountain resort year-round. While great skiing is sure to be had here, summertime brings an opportunity to explore the surrounding landscape, including trails and quiet mountain roads. Suites go up to 3,200 square feet in size and offer both mountain and valley views.

Conde Nast Recommends: “Though its European-manor sensibilities eschew log cabin stereotypes, the hotel drips with original art idealizing the Western lifestyle of yore—Carl Rungius vistas, John James Audubon's bird prints, and cowboy scenes by Frederic Remington.”

Best Musical Amenity? Le Royal Monceau, Raffles' tuned acoustic guitars.
Le Royal Monceau recently received a fantastic renovation to improve service and general guest experience, leaving you with a gorgeous masterpiece of a hotel to explore while in Paris. As if Paris isn't exciting enough, you also get to choose from five dining and bar options, later retiring to your suite with a coveted-in-the-city private balcony.

Conde Nast Recommends: “The spaces brim with contemporary art—photos, paintings, collages—and there's a terrific bar, several beautifully decorated (if very expensive) restaurants, including the French-specialty La Cuisine, a smart boutique shilling art books and design objects, and a Clarins spa.”

Best Eclectic Buy? The vending machine at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas sells artwork and fashion tape.
This Las Vegas hotel boasts nine different paces to dine and a staggering 2,995 rooms, so if you like to roam, this is the place to get lost! With aid of the Tao Group designers, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has three pool environments, a great number of room styles, and private terraces on select suites. You're right in the middle of the action with a booking at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Conde Nast Recommends: “Terrace one-bedrooms have Japanese deep soaking tubs overlooking the Strip. Premium View rooms in the West Tower look straight onto the Bellagio fountains next door, which means front-row seats to the water show several times a day.”

If you're stumped for hotel inspiration, why not choose something to which Conde Nast's added their seal of approval? That and the additional perks with a booking deliver a vacation to remember.

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