Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Hideaway in Uruguay, Even in the City

When Uruguay comes to mind, you might first think of Montevideo, Uruguay's capital and a definite tourist hotspot. But besides Montevideo, Uruguay has a wide number of beach towns with quaint hotels and luxury resorts visited by a select number of South and North Americans in-the-know. If you are looking for a getaway, you will find one in Uruguay.

Carmelo lies on the shores of Río de la Plata and features plenty of tourist curiosities. With comfortable, temperate weather, the city is ready to receive guests year-round—and there happens to be a luxury hotel nearby, too. Carmelo is famous for its white sand beaches—perfect places to find peace—and when you get to town, you should check out Independence Square for a moment amidst the crowds.

Isla De Gorriti

This is a good alternative to Punta del Este if you're looking for a more peaceful break than Punta, even off-season. Beaches are quiet on the island, and you can also stroll by an eighteenth-century fort while you're there.

Salto and Paysandu
Got a thing for spas? These two cities have hot springs nearby that are considered therapeutic for long-term soakers and one-time visitors. The springs near Paysandu are slightly cooler than those located near Salto, which has cottage accommodations and grill stations for visitors who want to stay overnight.

Punta del Este
Sophisticated Punta del Este boasts miles and miles of beach and is quite the party spot in Uruguay, but that doesn't mean you can't find somewhere to rest and relax. Luxurious spas and corner restaurants are great for anyone seeking a moment from the buzz of the beach, but the miles of high-luxe tourist areas, off-season, are a true experience. Plus, if you need a break from countryside serenity for a night, this is the place.

Where Should Stay in Uruguay?
Your hotel should provide the ideal setting to find peace, whether it's by grabbing some z's by the seashore, having a drink in the hotel bar, or settling down into a deep king-sized bed.

The Four Seasons Resort Carmelo is one of Uruguay's hidden gems, and now you can enjoy Exclusive Complimentary Perks when booking through Nestled in a quiet region, the Four Seasons Carmelo provides the perfect balance of luxury and accessibility. While surrounded by eucalyptus trees and pines, the hotel is still just a hop and a skip away from the metropolis of Montevideo—and not too far away from Buenos Aires, either.

Thanks to great promos via WhataHotel, you can now extend your trip by getting a fourth night free at the Four Seasons. That means more time to explore their Pan-Asian spa services, watch championship golf, or hop on a horse to play jockey amidst the natural wonders of Uruguay. Children aren't just welcome at this resort, but they are cared for via the Kids for All Seasons day program for children. If you don't want to drive while you are on vacation—admittedly more relaxing—there will also be a shuttle service twice daily that runs from your hotel to the nearby city of Carmelo.

By booking a stay in Uruguay, you'll be in the perfect place to explore other South American destinations. The south of Brazil isn't far from the country of Uruguay, and neither is Argentina. While you're planning your trip, take advantage of closeby countries that can also boost your relaxation factor. Skiing in Chile, eating in Argentina, and horseback riding in Uruguay should get you ready to face the daily grind again.

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