Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Australia

To catch some of the best views in the world, you have to try ballooning. Thrill-seeking without being overly dangerous, ballooning lets photography fans snap away undistracted, while adventure lovers can get the wind in their face and take in magnificent mountain views. Travel tales just aren't complete unless you've seen something amazing, and this would be it for an Australian trip.

The new ballooning adventure in town getting good buzz is offered at Rawnsley Park Station, which Condé Nast suspects is the perfect place in Australia for “great views.” Flinders Ranges, which lies north of Adelaide, is the biggest mountain range in Australia and is most efficiently explored by air. Notoriously challenging-to-please Condé Nast gushes:

“The hot air balloon flights leave daily before sunrise and gently float across the outback, giving fliers time to take in the scenery and native wildlife below as the sun comes up.”

Besides ballooning options, there's more to do in the park, with hiking, trekking, four wheeling, and mountain bike treks being some of their most popular available trips. With so much on the potential adventure traveller's to-do list, it's likely that you could spend a few days exploring the scenery, having a few screams, and getting some impressive panoramic views of Australian land.

Other Activities in Australia
If you're looking for adventure, Australia's the place to go. Besides ballooning, see if any of these trips around the outback or ocean suit you, adding them to your schedule as time and budget allows. This is going to be one incredible trip!

Outback-Exploring: While the outback might seem dry and remote, it's one of the best places in the world to catch a jaw-dropping sunset. The “Sunburnt Country,” as it's known, is host to a bevy of indigenous plants, cool animals, and curious rock formations.

Helicopter Flights: If ballooning isn't your thing, perhaps taking to the air doesn't need to be ruled out entirely... you can always zoom upwards for a view of the desert and mountains in a helicopter instead.

Aboriginal Tours: Learning about the native Australian people is easiest when one hires an expert guide with Aboriginal roots. Ayers Rock is one of the most popular Aboriginal landmarks in Australia and captivates scores of tourists each year.

Horseback Riding: View Australia like the settlers did, on the back of a horse. We dare say that you'll have the better deal, since you won't get lost in the process!

Featured Lodging in Australia & New Zealand
Australia's hotels include high-rise modern masterpieces and unpretentious bungalows, and your best choice would be cherry picking around the country. On a multi-city stay in Australia and New Zealand, try a series of luxury hotels—all with perks, of course—that allow you to experience the wide variety of upscale lodging options.

Where to Enjoy Nature

Lizard Island: 24 beaches are sure to satisfy soft-sand lovers, but the personal island retreat also happens to be king for deep sea fishing, diving, and snorkeling. While you'll feel like you're in the middle of paradise, you can still find a luxurious spa treatment on Lizard Island.

Longitude 131: The snazzily-named Longitude 131 is the prime place for rest at the edge of paradise. The five-star resort sits on the border of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, putting you in a prime spot to watch the sun setting over Ayers Rock.

Blanket Bay: Adventure lovers will swoon over the list of things to do at Blanket Bay, which boasts activities to improve spiritual and mental well-being in nearby New Zealand. Highlighted in top-notch magazines the world over, Blanket Bay is a stunning lodging selection.

Where to Spend a Citified Stay
Sofitel Queenstown Resort: You might feel a touch of French influence while you are at the Sofitel, and that's the intention. This Queenstown resort adds a slight European flavor to its lodgings for ultimate cosmopolitan appeal.

Park Hyatt Melbourne: In one of Melbourne's historic districts, the Park Hyatt Melbourne is bordered by sumptuous gardens and overlooks a primarily Victorian neighborhood. Gorgeous!

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney: You won't have to walk far to get to some of Sydney's prime shopping and business centers when you stay in the Four Seasons Sydney. Great views are the prize at this stunning hotel, located near the historic Rocks district.

Australia awaits, regardless of whether or not you choose to visit for prime ballooning season. With an array of exciting sights to see and things to do, Australia can and should be visited at any time of the year. Choose your hotel, and you're halfway there.

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