Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sydney, the World's Best City?

To some, Australia's only drawback is its distance from the rest of the world, but that can be seen as a hidden benefit, too. Pristine and tucked-away, Australia's appeal comes in part from its natural wonders, plus its rich culture. In fact, the capital city of Australia, Sydney, is even considered a candidate for the “best city in the world," according to CNN.

Why Go to Sydney?

Towering Buildings; Unparalleled Views
The Sydney Tower is filled with water to help it handle major sways from winds, and a skywalk stroll could leave you with wobbly knees. The 880-feet tower (268 meter) can also be enjoyed from indoors if you'd rather not venture outside—and there's a restaurant, too!

Pet-Friendly Cafes

If you're an animal lover, you know how hard it can be to travel with your pets. Sydney boasts not just pet-friendly parks, but cafes that feature pet playgrounds and custom-made doggie drinks. Fido couldn't be more spoiled while on vacation.

Interesting Nightlife
Do you dare dance in a morgue? The Kinsela was once home to Charles Kinsela, an undertaker, and now it provides quality nightlife in a spot with high ceilings and Art Deco touches, including one room called “The Chapel.” The veranda is a perfect spot for a good view of the city, and if you love going here? Additional unadvertised events in surprise venues give you a chance to party in warehouses or at the beach.

Independent Theatres Abound
Support thespians! Independent theatres make Sydney tick, and there are plenty of performances to see when you're in town—whenever that is. The Stables at Kings Cross and The Old Fitzroy are two famous options for the enthusiastic theatre fan. You can also catch a performance at The Tearoom Gunners' Barracks.

Seafood Is Super Plentiful
Want some good fish? You can't get much better than Sydney, where you'll also see some creative choices for cooking, displaying, and eating whatever's fresh from the sea. Inexpensive prawns will make you swoon.

Where to Stay in Sydney?
Hotel options are plentiful, but why make a mistake when you can stay at one of the best in Sydney?

The Observatory Hotel: Near the business district, the centrally-located Observatory Hotel offers visitors an ideal base from which to both work and explore. This boutique hotel offers unsurpassed luxury.

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney: Overlooking Sydney Harbor, the Four Seasons Sydney has an array of perks in addition to breathtaking waterfront views. Their luxurious spa is a must-stop.

Park Hyatt Sydney: Located near the historic Rocks district of Sydney, the Park Hyatt offers great tranquility while still remaining close to the action. This five-star destination boasts some of the largest hotel rooms and suites in Sydney.

Sheraton on the Park: This hotel is located directly across from Hyde Park and is a wonderful place to stay with family and friends. The contemporary hotel features an upscale lounge and a pristine health club to help you unwind.

What's stopping you from visiting Sydney, and then heading to the rest of Australia? It's a country that everyone should visit in their lifetime. With all the perks available when booking through, now's a better time than ever.

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