Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vote for Innovation Awards

Conde Naste is known for being, shall we say, picky about who and what they promote around the world, travel-wise, and they are a trusted name in the world of adventure travel. Sophisticated and discerning, their staff knows what's what—and they always let us know where the best places are to go at certain times of the year. Now Conde Nast is looking at the Innovation Awards, which invites readers to vote on their favorite design or innovative plan that makes traveling even better. Conde Nast explains:

“Regardless of where and why you travel, the experience is enhanced by design and innovative thinking: applied to airplanes, trains, museums and restaurants, the shops we seek out, the gadgets we tap on or tune into.”

Transport: Options include the Straddling Bus, which is a bus positioned 2 meters above the highway to save space. Cars can pass below it, allowing for much more room on the roadway. Other options include the Double Decker Train, which saves emmissions and carries more people, and MINI Scooter E Concept, which is charged using a normal electrical socket—and that starts using a Smart Phone!

Sustainable: Hydrophobic sand never gets wet, which means that agriculture could completely change in water-poor regions. Meanwhile, Conde Naste highlights other innovations like eco-friendly sunglasses that aid sight-restoration programs in other parts of the world. The Between the Waters project involves collecting chemically populated water from a water source and making it drinkable using refining techniques.

Infrastructure: The Lincoln Road parking lot, designed by Herzog and de Meuron in Miami, can hold 300 cars and has an innovative design, while the Dubai Metro has a lot of new stations and many more on the way. The Mexipuerto Multimodal Transport Hub in Mexico City allows for a smooth transfer of passengers from one mode to another.

Culture: The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a new interesting glass-and-steel wing, and the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania has an outstanding collection of offerings from Australian modernists. Meanwhile, the Lightwell Reading Room in the London Library is making waves for its newly-renovated space.

Sponsored by Marriott
Conde Nast's contest has been sponsored by Marriott, which also owns a 49% interest in the Ritz-Carlton hotels, highlighted on with various perk options. Let's take a look at some of the best, shall we?

Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman: Located near the great Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman Islands, this hotel is hidden on the western Caribbean Sea and takes you back to the explorer days. Crystal-clear waters are perfect for divers and water sports enthusiasts, plus the beach baskers, of course.

Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel and Spa: This luxury resort is seven stories tall, affording great views of the Manama City Center. The lush, green urban landscape below includes 23 luxury villas for your booking pleasure. 245 rooms and suites in the main building give you even more options.

Ritz-Carlton New York (Battery Park): The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park hotel is conveniently located downtown to receive guests with a jam-packed New York schedule. After a 10 million renovation to guest rooms and suites, you can be sure of ever-improving standards of service.

Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island: Amelia Island's Ritz-Carlton is marketed as a spot where "southern charm meets sea and live oaks." This beautiful resort appeals to history buffs and nature lovers alike, with its expanse of tidal marshes stretching beyond the fine golf course and manicured lawns.

Ritz-Carlton, South Beach: If you're coming to Miami for South Beach, then you need to stay in South Beach! The Ritz-Carlton South Beach is situated to lend views of the Atlantic Ocean and has been restored from its original 1953 state--better than ever, and ready to explore.

Don't forget to vote for the Innovation Awards at Conde Nast Traveller!

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