Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hotels with Gorgeous Views

Pretty views in top hotels are the pinnacle of luxury. No matter how nice your hotel is, if you get a room that faces another building or a busy street, you won't claim the soothing effects that you'd otherwise experience in a quality hotel. Room service is so much better when you're sitting on a balcony, watching the sunset; exercising in the fitness studio is more enjoyable when you can see the ocean. These listed hotels have been ranked according to their excellent views, and they should skip to the top of your visiting list.

Post Ranch Inn
The Post Ranch Inn is perched on beautiful cliffs. Instead of ocean views and beachside resorts, the Post Ranch Inn offers a different kind of getaway. A rustic elegance is found in each of the luxury rooms, and the serene setting is perfect for getting back to nature, recharging, or honeymooning. Driving to Monterrey or Carmel from the inn is an easy trip and could be a great day-out excursion... and there are views along the way.

Canyon Ranch
Canyon Ranch is certainly for the health-conscious, but why lock yourself up in a boring health spa when you can work out with views of the ocean, then heading down onto the sand to watch the sun come up? The Canyon Ranch Miami Beach location operates on a more relaxed principle than other health-conscious Canyon Ranch locations (Tucson and Lenox, Massachusetts).

Jumeirah Essex House
75 years of luxury at the Essex House is only part of its special appeal. This hotel has been refurbished on a $90 million budget and stands as one of the 1930s Art Deco masterpieces of its time. And the views? Well, we can't forget about those. The Jumeirah Essex House towers over Central Park South and is a reminder of different days. All guest rooms and suites have been renovated back to those '20s and '30s glory days of luxe hotels... a true New York experience awaits.

Copacabana Palace Hotel
If you want to, you can swim in the Copoacabana Palace Hotel's swimming pool while watching sunbathers on the beach. This Rio de Janeiro hotel is an institution for travelers in Brazil and has famously been the home-away-from-luxury-home of stars like Madonna and Robert Pattinson. Try the Tower Wing Building if you are interested in a city view, or the main building for the most steeped-in-tradition, oceanfront experience.

Four Seasons Hong Kong
The Four Seasons Hong Kong provides a wealth of amenities and beautifully appointed rooms, but that's not all it offers. The Four Seasons Hong Kong is located on the Victoria Harbour for a perfect view, and the Vitality Lounge at the spa is a must-visit.

Hotel Caruso
This hotel has been dubbed "nearer to the sky than sea," thanks to its perfect positioning on the Amalfi Coast. Open for the summer season and an absolute treat to experience, the Hotel Caruso is a jewel on the Mediterranean coast. One must-try is soaking in the infinity pool, which is flanked by medieval ruins and the super-blue ocean.

Out of all the hotels listed here, do you have a must-visit on your list?

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