Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take a Mancation

Have you heard of the travel show from Evan Mann and Gareth Reynolds called Mancations? These trips are described as visiting “places where guys go to get away from it all and get back to their primal roots,” and you know that these opportunities are bound to be testosterone-filled, thrilling, and memory-making (but stripped bare of the boring stuff.) The truth is, the number of mancations appears to be going up each year, with a 5% rise between 2011 and 2010. These vacations are fun, but they have a twist, Mancation creator Reynolds explained.

“When guys have fun together, it can be a different kind of fun,” Reynolds said. “A lot of women understand that.”

“I think the other option is to just sneak out of the house,” his Mancation co-worker (and former college buddy) added.

Mancation-Friendly Places to Go
You're ready to try that mancation, but where in the world can you go with a buddy? Check this list to whet your appetite.

The desert in general just lends itself to the mighty mancation. You can rock climb, hike, sleep out under the stars, and explore amazing stretches of open land with cowboy aspirations...and then head back to cushy suites for a quality night's rest.

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
A big desk, an ergonomic chair, and a huge bed give you ample space to conduct business this year at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. After taking an adventurous trip to the mountains, you can head to Bill's Grill for a burger and then enjoy the Flying V Bar and Grill at night.

So much has been said about going to Vegas with the boys that it seems redundant to even mention. To refresh your memory, there's the Strip, the outlying diversion, drives to Los Angeles...the list goes on. Might as well stay somewhere good to balance all that debauchery!

Caesars Palace
Mancations don't have to be all about roughing it. Enjoy luxurious settings in Caesars Palace when you're not cooking up misadventures in the City of Sin. Dine well and sleep even better in a luxury hotel fit for a king. Exclusive Complimentary Perks via your WhataHotel.com booking seal the deal.

New York
Partying, fine dining, and kicking back at a game could all be on the agenda for an urban mancation.

The Alex Hotel
Just like your mancation, this hotel is considered cutting-edge: in fact, it's been called a "new generation" of lodging in the city. The Alex Hotel is located in Midtown, which gives you excellent command over the city, from jaunts downtown to trips to Brooklyn. It also happens to look really, really good both inside and out.

There's something about Texas in general that's very manly: the proximity to the border, the ranching world, the ten-gallon hats, the tiny roadhouses. You could easy cook up a guys'-only vacation in a few minutes if you chose a Texas trip.

Hyatt Regency Country Resort and Spa
Want to top off a mancation with a few rounds of golf? Do it the luxurious way at the Hyatt Regency Country Resort and Spa. This resort allows for the perfect round of 27 holes of golf to be played, topped off with a manly sports massage in the award-winning Windflower Spa.

New Orleans
Is New Orleans a classic man's vacation destination? Well, it certainly is during Mardi Gras, and all other times of the year have a cool, manly vibe that can't be ignored. Relax, have a drink in a dive bar, and get your kicks at a voodoo shop.

The Roosevelt New Orleans
Located just one block from the French Quarter, the Roosevelt New Orleans has some fancy digs for for the enthusiastic New Orleans visitor. In-room amenities include 24-hour dining and a heated outdoor pool and hot tub. Old World charm is very much welcome here, but it won't get in the way of what you have planned for the guys.

Mancations abound in the U.S., but you can also find them abroad. From Amsterdam to Prague, you shouldn't have a problem when it comes to finding thrilling places to visit with college friends and old buddies.

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