Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Best of 2011:'s Top Recommendations

Everybody needs a round-up sometimes, and today's that day here at We paged through some of the best articles in the first half of 2011 to show you what you missed -- these are our top hotel recommendations so far.

Feature I
We take a look at island vacations, from Honolulu to the Seychelles, and invite you to pick your top choice. All hotels featured on our master list feature Exclusive Complimentary Perks via your booking. Cocoa Island sounds particularly bewitching, doesn't it?

Feature II
With all the talk of spas, exercise studios, and kicking back by the pool, a mancation post was essential.'s mancation-friendly destinations spread across the United States and include desert spots like Arizona and Texas, plus big-city spots for cosmopolitan (yet manly) breaks from the daily grind.

Feature III
If you're not such of a tropical vacationer, but you want to enjoy the fruity drinks and new cocktails, then you should make a beeline for these hotel bars. The Clift Hotel, The Carlyle, and the Palazzo Sasso are some top picks for the stylish cocktail aficionado or for the amateur bartender in your life.

Feature IV
What does Travel + Leisure have to say about some of the best hotels in the world? Many of the magazine's highest-ranking picks are featured on, and that means you can maximize your booking perks at resorts and hotels even ranking in the top 10. Number 4 on their list, for example, was San Ysidro Ranch.

Feature V
Need a good view? While having a top-ranked view from your patio might be a clincher when it comes to booking your suite, why stop there? You can also get a great view from the hotel bathroom if you choose the right destination -- plus a fantastic shower, a private pool or deep tub, and all the cozy robes you could want.

Feature VI
Vacationing like a president might even be better than the real thing: After all, you can roam without the Secret Service trailing you. Presidents with a like for real-deal vacations included Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, and you can get more info about their top spots in this feature article.

Feature VII
These rare and top-ranked hotels from AAA really are the best of the best, and they span the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. With only 3% of resorts and hotels getting this special distinction, it's worth checking out and booking one for a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

Feature VIII
We covered top bars in the States before, but you need a Barcelona version, too. This "Bars of Barcelona" list provides a list of watering holes perfect for honeymooners, solo travelers, and adventure junkies. Try one of the best bars in the world, according to leading experts in the travel field. There's also a hotel round-up included, so you know where to stay in Spain.

Feature IX
Do you feel like you need to escape? Join the club and start packing for a vacation you'll never forget. Africa, Australia, Thailand, Kenya ... it's all there on our list of some bucket list-ready destinations around the world. Exclusive spots in corners of the world give you luxury, sans crowds.

Feature X
A lot of us have a soft spot for island getaways, and we all would like to vacation more if given the chance. If you can carve away a comfortable vacation break, why spend it camping if you can spend it on the beach instead?

Now that we've got our first list ready for 2011, we can't wait to zing through the second half of the year to give you another round-up. Vacation plans are already buzzing for the winter season, and if that's when you'll be planning your next vacation, check out our island-centric hotel posts above.

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