Sunday, June 26, 2011

Your Island Guide

We all dream of heading to a near-private island someday, perhaps with a drink in hand, and letting the stress melt away. Unlike some countries in the world, we're lucky enough to have island resort options quite close to our home base. If you don't know where to stay, but you know that you want to grab a vacation by sand and sea, these tips will prove invaluable. Luxury resorts truly are for everyone, and here's why.

It's not all about the mega-resort.
Many people think of a supersized resort experience when planning their vacations, but staying on an island doesn't guarantee the stereotypical all-inclusive experience, if that's not your thing. Lizard Island, for example, maintains Exclusive Complimentary Perks via, but it has unparalleled exclusivity when it comes to your accommodations. You'll feel like you're the only person on the beach, and your privacy is guaranteed.

You can get cultural.
Staying at an island resort does not mean you'll be setting yourself up to avoid learning at all costs. Some luxury resorts have combined cultural aspects into their décor, like art galleries and native notes, and that means you soak up the atmosphere while still not leaving your luxe zone. Consider the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman for starters.

You can do more than lie by the beach or pool.
Don't get too lazy, because vacationing at a resort only means that you can have access to a great number of local, expert guides and special perks built into your stay. Swimming with the dolphins is a definite possibility when it comes to your vacation, if you choose the right spot, and we recommend The Kahala Resort in Hawaii if you're interested.

You don't need to bring the family.
Island vacation destinations are well-known for being popular family choices. You don't need to be trailed by the kids to enjoy your stay, and you don't need to be on your honeymoon, either. While some resorts have tons of kid-friendly diversions and daycare, other resorts are intended just for grownups. Caneel Bay, a Rosewood Resort, is a great spot to book if you want to hang solo or do a couples-vacation thing.

Your Travel Highlights

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Which island resort will it be for you?

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