Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Park Hyatt, Toronto

Sometimes, the best part about traveling is staying in the hotel. Some people wouldn’t want to admit it, but if a hotel is good enough, you don’t want to leave, let alone sightsee. Dining in-room is a pleasure, exploring the spa is a treat, and if there are extra amenities involved? Add them to the list.

I recently stayed in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto, Canada, adding to my roster of luxury hotel visits for comparison purposes (this trip was not comped). As someone who’s lived in the southeastern U.S. for a number of years, the trip was as much for cultural purposes as for business. While I did have an opportunity to explore the city, I have to admit that one of my favorite times was simply sitting back with one of their health-boosting smoothies from room service and enjoying the street view from my hotel room.

Located in a pristine area of Toronto, the Park Hyatt Toronto has both a big-city feel and a hamlet vibe. While the hotel itself is of the urban design variety--large, with a contemporary look--it is found near a boutique-filled shopping area that’s more reminiscent of Europe than anywhere else. Streets are small if you wander off the main path, and you’ll also find some great places to eat that way, too. If you get hungry and don't want to go far, service at the hotel itself is top-notch. (You should stay for a breakfast or two in the bistro-style Annonia restaurant downstairs--it’s delicious.)

As for the rooms? If you travel in winter, the rooms feel particularly cozy, thanks to the lighting setup and the very effective temperature controls (not to be downplayed... if you've ever stayed in a drafty hotel room, you know!). Summertime is best enjoyed from a room positioned high enough that you can see the trees from your perch--a lovely view. Featuring one of the most comfortable beds I’ve been in during my stays, the hotel provides an incredible number of pillows, spreads, throws, and robes, plus a great bathroom amenities pack. The staff was incredibly friendly--more so than in many other hotels I've stayed in--and everything went seamlessly.

If you do manage to pry yourself away from your hotel room, I highly recommend having a stroll around Yorkville. It's attractive and very interesting, but it’s also perfectly suited for the business traveler with just an afternoon off to pick up gifts. On a scale from one to ten, I'd award the Park Hyatt Toronto a perfect score. They certainly earned it.

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