Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looking For The World's Best Halloween Party?

Halloween is generally a Western celebration, with roots dated in the ancient Celtic ritual Samhain (pronounced sow-when). Considering this, the parties that happen in the UK and Ireland are pretty legendary. The Druids throw themselves a big pagan party at Stonehenge, recreating the ancient ritual their ancestors celebrated several millennia ago. In Ireland, the celebrations are a totally different story. Less ritualized, and no lessons on ancient history, these shindigs are more about impromptu debauchery, wild costumes, and much of the same frolicking that happens in the States. In fact, in the US, there was very little mention of Halloween before the period of the Potato Famine. Our modern day festivities hark back to Ireland, where jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating began. Derry, in Northern Island hosts an amazing Halloween street carnival that boasts great live music and the night closes with fireworks. Dublin’s Samhain parade is a decadent, flamboyant display of everything spooky and witchy. Stay at the Dylan Hotel in Dublin, for chic comfort and a luxurious place to rest up after all the partying.

Southeast Asia may not be your first thought about ghoulish destinations, but Bangkok really does know how to throw a street party. For Halloween, the city’s most colorful revelers get decked out to the nines, and wild costumes are a mainstay. Stay at the Sukhothai Hotel, after all the wickedness, you will need a some comfort to sink into.

If you are going to stay domestically, San Francisco presents the opportunity to have a blast all over the city on Halloween. Known for its incredible culture, where people love to play dress-up any day of the year. Suffice it to say, on Halloween the whole town goes all out with their wildest, scariest costumes. A stay at the Hotel Palomar will not disappoint, and will have you right in middle of everything. Long known for its history of witch prosecution, Salem, Mass. is always a sight to see on Halloween. Plenty of history, and the Official Salem Witches Halloween Ball make for a very cool trip. Stay in an ultra-luxurious spot like the Mandarin Oriental, Boston and your Halloween extravaganza will be unforgettable!

Halloween may be a holiday with Celtic history, but it has become a global party, a time for playing pretend, and having a blast. If you are tired of the same old routine, definitely get out there in the world and try something new this year!

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