Wednesday, November 2, 2011

125 Years of Miss Liberty

Standing proudly upon a pedestal base of gnarled, broken chains, Lady Liberty is a proud, green symbol of free will. Gifted by the French, and once the first American greeter to immigrants landing at Ellis Island, the stoic sculpture is more than a landmark. The Statue of Liberty is an international symbol of independence, and a symbol of America’s open arms to the world. On October 28, the bronze Lady Liberty celebrated her 125th anniversary of promising hope and prosperity.

It is believed that the concept of the Statue of Liberty was hatched during a dinner party, where French aristocrats came up with the brilliant idea to honor the greatness of the freedom America presented. There are also levels of politics inlaid within the design, as well as the overall message of the monument, like all great works of art. The sculptor behind Liberty was Frederic Bartholdi. He designed her placement at New York Harbor to give the most intimate feeling. Every ship coming in would pass exceptionally close by, and the people passing by would feel her immense presence, representing the freedom they hoped for. Bartholdi also was inspired to create a testament that paid homage to America’s newly emancipated slaves, furthering the concept of “liberty for all.”

Suffice it to say, now would be a great time to visit New York. Even though the statue herself is closed due to renovations, Liberty Island is open to visitors. While last Friday held many celebrations for the anniversary, nothing beats actually visiting the site to really get the feeling. If you are considering planning a trip to NYC, definitely check into the Four Seasons. Perhaps one of the best-known hotels anywhere in the world, it is the ideal way to experience New York with really amazing perks which only we can deliver. WhataHotel! has exclusive connections that are guaranteed to get you the best value possible. Having "Preferred Partners" status with the entire Four Seasons brand allows for increased amenities, and plenty of advantages.

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