Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Best Light Displays of the Holiday Season

Christmas lights are such a big deal, that there are many people who will travel far distances just to view the displays. Some locations are world famous for their city-wide spectacles, and these are the best displays in the US. If one of these cities is local to you or requires travel, seeing them; especially with children, really makes the magic of the season.

New York City
Perhaps the most famous Christmas spectacle anywhere in the world happens in New York City. Cliché or not, it really is magical. The entire city sparkles, with so many different displays. Street after street is decked out in glittering, glowing lights, giant snowflakes, icicles, and plenty of other chilly, glittering things. The towering Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza sitting above the ice skating rink is always a favorite for visitors and locals alike. Central Park’s southeast corner holds the world’s largest menorah, a monolith at 32 feet high, and it’s lighting will begin December 20th. The big department stores, especially the extravaganza that Macy’s puts on, are absolutely breath-taking! Even outside of Manhattan, in the boroughs you can find incredible sights. Some neighborhoods take it to the extreme, and hold tours, like Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. For those who’ve enjoyed these delights year after year, they are proud to proclaim that there is nowhere more fun to be during Christmastime than in New York!
Best Places to Stay:

Newport Beach, California
A warm and sunny destination, Newport Beach, CA, is a fabulous place to experience festive holiday lights. This ocean-side city has been known for its “Christmas Boat Parade” for more than 100 years. This is America’s oldest holiday boat parade, and it is so worth the travel. 200 different boats, ranging from canoes to million-dollar yachts, get bedecked in lights and holiday garb to parade through the Newport Harbor. Every year, it brings in almost one million spectators, and lasts for four nights. On the final night, the show ends with a finale of fireworks. With 14 miles of places to watch, including public beaches and different venues on the Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Island, and the Fun Zone amusement area, it really makes for an exciting way to enjoy the season’s best lights on the West Coast.
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Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Considering Disney is the capital of everything fun and magical all year round, it makes perfect sense that at Christmastime they would kick it into overdrive. Every year, the uber-creative folks at the Disney headquarters create one of the most fascinating exhibits of holiday lights. The use of animation, 3-d effects, blazing holiday music, snow flurries, and the glow of five million bulbs offers a pretty amazing way to get into the spirit of the holidays. Planned into a Disney vacation, viewing these lights is utterly enchanting!
Best Places to Stay:

Whether your city sets up amazing holiday lights or not, these destinations are the best of the best. Making a trip out of it, and heading to any of these spots just to take in the holiday cheer is so worth the trip. Nothing will get your holiday spirit happier!

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