Saturday, November 5, 2011

Name Dropping: William and Kate’s Hotel Haunts

The newest royal couple is really big on travel. In fact, since the beginning of their courtship, they have taken many publically documented trips together. Bouncing all over Europe, yachting through the Caribbean, safaris in Africa, and touring extensively throughout North America have been on their agenda over the past few years. Even as the duo live their individual lives with commitments such as work and military duty, they have always made time for indulgently adventurous vacations.

Since their widely broadcasted nuptials, Prince William and Kate Middleton have stayed in some pretty extraordinary hotels. On the Duchess’ last night as a single woman, she had the privilege of staying at the top floor “Royal Apartment” of London’s exclusive Goring Hotel. Joined by her mother and sister, Pippa, the suite was the perfect haven to indulge and relax in before her whirlwind wedding. 100 years old, this hotel has long been known for its quaint English charm, intimate setting, and lavish décor. Situated directly in the center of London, the service here is nothing short of regal.

After their wedding, the royal couple embarked on a journey through North America, where they visited landmarks and National Parks. When Wills and Kate arrived in Canada, they busied themselves with cultural activities, and awesome outdoor excursions like traditional canoeing, and even spending a day at the Calgary Stampede rodeo. Like the true world citizens they are, the Duke and Duchess donned total Western outfits for the day, including ten-gallon hats. During their stay, rather than vacation like tourists, they opted for more enriching accommodations that included Rideau Hall, the residence of Canada’s Governor General. When they departed for Montreal, the spent their next night on the naval vessel, HMCS Montreal, as it cruised the St. Lawrence River.

When they hit Los Angeles, they made sure to really get their fill of Hollywood glamour. They stayed at the fabulous Beverly Hills Hotel, in the beautiful Presidential Suite. Over 1,900 square feet of luxury, a private kitchen, no shortage of elegant wood furnishings and marble accents, a Jacuzzi tub, a gas fireplace, and a private balcony that overlooks the LA skyline are some of the features this suite is equipped with.

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