Sunday, November 20, 2011

5-Star Digs in the Bush

            Ernest Hemingway was quite the avid safari-man. He wrote several tales about the wonders of the African wilderness, and the incomparable experience of safaris. While in his day, hunting large game was considered a fashionable sport to prove one’s manliness, nowadays it is anything but. Today’s safari is more about educating, conservation, and just simply bearing witness to the magnificence of African wildlife.
            Throughout Africa, you can find many great safaris. The wildlife may vary, but always a constant are the breathtakingly surreal views. Safari's in and of themselves have always been something of a luxury for travelers. The mystique of the exotic, and the thrilling adventure combine to execute the trip of a lifetime.
            Many of Africa’s nations have their own brand of Safari, and you will experience unique treasures at each of them. South Africa, while an international metropolitan hub, features incredible safari's through its preserved areas. The world-famous Kruger Park has plenty of large game, and wildlife excursions. Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is highly renowned for its 340,000 acres of pristine African wilderness, directly in the path of the migratory route that thousands of animals journey on year after year. Zambia has perfect access to the amazing Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, and South Luangwa National Park. The views here are stunning, and there is excellent opportunity for viewing elephants, lions, and buffalo. Boat cruises on the river, and helicopter trips across the land are musts! Botswana is elephant country, and trips here will have you very close and personal to earth’s largest land mammal. Walking safaris and boat cruises through the Okavango Delta will blow your mind! Kenya offers wide options in luxury and safaris. The splendor of the views, which are regarded as some of the world’s finest for viewing game, are what makes this destination so special.
            Knowing the luxury market that safari's appeal to, there is no shortage of gorgeous, 5-starcamps and lodges you can choose from for your stay in the bush. Here are the grandest per country:

            While every type of safari vacation exists and can be arranged, who would really want to be camping out on the savannas, and roughing it? The real way to enjoy a safari is by way of the 5-star camp or lodge.  Booking your stays at any of these with us one-ups the competitors because of the privileged relationships we have formed with them. For a trip of this magnitude, do it in regal style!

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