Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in the Capitol

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in America, and the nation’s capitol does a fantastic job getting the holiday spirit on in full swing. All over the town you can expect showy displays of Christmas cheer, elaborate exhibits of lights, and of course, there is the White House extravaganza.

If you are looking for somewhere in the US to visit around the holidays, DC makes a wonderful destination. Offering history, a patriotic atmosphere, and a myriad of options for enjoying the season. Booking your stay at the gorgeous Madison Hotel, the W Washington DC, the Mandarin Oriental, or the Four Seasons, which are the city’s very best hotels, will definitely be the icing on your holiday cake, no matter what your calendar of events may hold. Be sure to keep us in mind when you book, because our Exclusive Complimentary Perks  one-up the competition, and shower you with additional benefits!
All over the capitol, there are major light displays. And no matter what your religious denomination may be, do you ever get tired of over-the-top Christmas lights? They are just so magical! ZooLights at the National Zoo promises to be an excellent outing for the whole family, with animated lights, seasonal crafting, and ice sculpture demos. With free admission, it is certainly worth checking out. In nearby Maryland, the Winter Lights at Seneca Creek State Park puts on a spectacle that stretches 3.5 miles. The Annmarie Garden in Lights at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center takes a mythical approach to their light display. Featuring handmade sculptures of light including creatures such as fierce beasts, illuminated art, pirates, and wild animals. Definitely worth a visit is the National Christmas Tree. A symbol of hope and national solidarity, every year it is decorated with ornaments that are sent in from every other state.

The White House alone does Christmas in very opulent, very vibrant ways. Volunteers from 36 different states worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was ready for company. 37 trees, of which 30 are “real” trees, and the additional 7 range from consisting of paper, aluminum, wool felt. A gingerbread house modeled after the White House, and consisting of over 400 lbs of gingerbread, marzipan, and white chocolate will definitely whet your appetite! One of our national treasures, Bo Obama, the first dog has been the inspiration for the creation of many different replicas, ornaments, and even cookies.

America’s most important holiday of the year is no joke in Washington DC. The whole town, as well as neighboring towns go to the extreme to make sure the holiday cheer is as infectious, and spirited as possible! DC celebrates with fun and fervor, sparkle and lights, and a great attitude, most of all. Happy Holidays!

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