Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Clock Strikes "12" First in Sydney

Of all the world’s major cities, the new year begins in Sydney first. How appropriate, as it is a gorgeous city that knows how to party. For 2012, wild bashes are planned all over the town, and people who will be traveling there are gearing up for what is expected to be the second largest gathering of revelers in the world!

Sydney draws a varied crowd, from young singles to families, backpackers to retirees, and pretty much all imaginable types willing to journey to this metropolis down under. It’s a really hot destination because while much of the world is whiling away with winter, Sydney is enjoying a balmy summer. This makes a very fun environment for getaways because celebrating in warm, open air is so much fun!
While parties can be found everywhere in the city, the main attraction will be the fireworks in Sydney Harbour. I cannot imagine a sight more spectacular than fireworks exploding over the magnificent view of the city, with its landmarks like the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, with the glittering reflection of lights in the bay, speckled with boats. It might just be the most incredibly sight of New Year’s 2012! The show is so spectacular that it can be viewed as far as a 16 kilometer radius! For some, the best way to enjoy the evening is by boat, which allows you to enjoy all of the sights, the fireworks, and the atmosphere without the crowds of the viewing spots in the actual city. Many companies offer a different array of cruises and boating options for enjoying the night from the water. If you prefer to mingle within the energy of the crowd, there are more than enough places to get your fix, however you have to be on it early, as they do fill up fast. The Harbour is expected to be the party sight for over 1.5 million; making it the perfect place to ring in the new year amidst an international crowd gathered together for a single purpose!

Some hotels have stunning views that will allow you to view all of the beauty, without having to leave the building. While all the excitement may appeal to many, it can be nice to enjoy celebrating in more calm and relaxed settings. The Shangri-La Hotel Sydney is exceptionally luxurious, and every room has a water view. A lovely spot for New Year’s, there are several different restaurants and bars within the hotel where you can enjoy all the fun right there! While getting a reservation at this point may be impossible, the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney is a prime location for viewing all the festivities, accommodating all of your needs, and offering exceptional comfort. Then of course, there is the incomparable Observatory Hotel, which has been the recipient of more awards and accolades than any other hotel in all of Australia. Excellent location, views, and the intimate charm of a boutique hotel, this little gem still has rooms available! Whether you want an opulent room to come back to at the end of the night, or want to spend the whole night there, these hotels offer the best!
Sydney consistently tops lists of the best New Year’s fests, and there is very good reason why it is viewed by over a billion on televised broadcasts! The view is mind-blowing no matter where you are, and the lively mood is infectiously fun! Wishing you a happy 2012!

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