Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hotels so Fab that they're the Destination

Some travels are all about the destination. You spend so little time in your room, that it makes no difference where you actually stay. Other times, when it's a vacation devoted to unwinding and being totally comfortable, having the right hotel is key. Taking this notion to the extreme, here are the best hotels for visiting simply because they are the destination!

Canyon Ranch is the quintessential example of a hotel that is on it’s own, a destination. Part health-spa, and part wellness retreat, where the atmosphere is about experiencing life with optimal health and pure joy. Perfectly placed poignantly into the desert landscape, you will be at one with the Southwest here. Luxurious surroundings and enough pampering to rejuvenate even the most tired of souls, you will leave in an entirely different state of mind. The greatest draw however, to this paradise in the desert, it the eloquently designed cuisine that has inspired many to venture here solely for the amazing gourmet meals!

Little Palm Island makes for such a gorgeous tropical getaway, that there is absolutely no need to leave this little gem of a resort for your entire trip. Perfect for couples who want to melt into the setting, and not have a care in the world outside of this lush cocoon. Your stay here is meant to keep you relaxed, and totally removed from any harshness of the outside world. With no televisions or telephones on the property, the idea is to connect to your surroundings. With exceptional food that highlights the Keys’ specialties like key limes and the most delectable fresh seafood, guests adore the dining options that range from beachside tables to the candlelit dining room. Beach bonfires, outdoor showers, and a location that you can only get to by plane or boat means the location is perfect for romance, and you will have no reason to venture beyond it!

This is the perfect hotel for a couple’s romantic getaway. Utterly comfortable, yet very sumptuous, the mood here is elegantly seductive. Remote, set into a stellar landscape, with an abundance of luxuries you will not want to venture away from this resort whatsoever! With views of Big Sur’s coastline, and the Ventana mountains, the sites here are mesmerizing. Award-winning cuisine, stunning architecture, a lavish spa, and yoga classes make this an optimal choice for honeymoons, anniversaries, and escaping into California serenity.

There are a lot of fabulous hotels out there in the world, and sometimes it is worth a vacation alone to travel just for the hotel. Have you ever traveled someplace, and the hotel was just so great that it made the whole trip? That’s what I’m talking about! Book your reservations with us, and you will be thrilled at the Exclusive Complimentary Perks that only we offer!

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