Monday, December 5, 2011

Get Out of Town and Escape the Holiday Madness!

The holidays are upon us now, and in most towns and major cities, the madness ensues. People are on the go with more frantic fury than ever, and there is nothing more stressful than trying to prepare for a holiday with omnipresent anxiety. Here are a few destinations that are sure to keep you away from the holiday crowds, de-stress, and have you feeling replenished.

St. John
For escaping winter’s bite, and the herds of people in more glitzy destinations of the Caribbean, St. John offers a tropical getaway in every sense of the word. St. John is great for enjoying the outdoors, catering to travelers who want exceptional recreation. Year round the temperatures level around 85 degrees, and on this tiny island, (the smallest developed island of the US Virgin Islands), you will really feel the remoteness. Being accessible only by boat from neighboring St. Thomas, the idea of seclusion is totally apparent. All varieties of aquatic sports are very popular, as are hiking and nature tours of the Virgin Islands National Park. Island sunsets, warm sand, and the island mentality await you!

If your heart is set on serious wanderlusting, and you need massive amounts of space to roam without the distraction of crowds, head to Patagonia. Your one-stop-shop for freedom, especially if freezing temperatures are within your comfort zone. On the verge of Antarctica, in the most southern city of the world, the desolation is obvious. But so is the peaceful calm, the pure air, and the astounding views of the majestic, greatly untouched landscape. The Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountains are the most beautiful attractions here, and are constantly within view.

When most people consider traveling to France, they automatically assume doing so in the spring and summer months. Of course, that does make sense in terms of the weather, but there are a couple of factors that often slip by the wayside, and make travelers regret their timing. First of all, and this is common thought on a global scale, that while “Paris in the Springtime” is a romantic notion, the voluminous crowds can be overwhelming and difficult. The next hurdle is that throughout the majority of the month of August, nearly the entire nation is on vacation, rendering many stores and restaurants closed for business. France’s offseason can present plenty of wonderful reasons to visit, and allow you to experience this country in a completely different way. Luxurious hotels often offer amazing deals, making opulent accommodations very affordable. As the offseason is not a big magnet for tourists, you can enjoy France like the locals do. Heading to the South of France, Nice in particular, is wonderful during the month of December. While the beaches may not be suitable for sunbathing, and the chilly temperatures will require you to dress warmly, imagine the savory warmth of French cuisine, enjoy the shopping of the Christmas markets, and the sight of the Alps covered in snow.

There certainly is nothing like the excitement of the holiday season, and sometimes don't you just have the urge to escape it all together; head someplace where you won't be bothered, and just simply immerse yourself in relaxation? Happy holidays!

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