Friday, December 2, 2011

Give the Gift of Travel

If you have seen any TV lately, you’ve most likely been inundated with holiday commercials urging you to purchase cars and jewelry. Do you want to give a truly meaningful gift to someone you love this year? Something they will never forget, and will mean more than almost any material object you can purchase? Give the gift of travel, of course! Memories last a lifetime, and who does not love a vacation? Whether its your sweetheart, or your sweet mama, surprise them this holiday season with a gift that will touch their hearts and intrigue the mind.

Personally, I find the idea of surprising someone with a getaway to be very charming. Giving experiences makes for truly thoughtful gifts, and some people just don’t want “things.” Plenty of people prefer to be actively doing things, and giving them a trip fits very well into “doing.” You can make an even greater impact by reserving their stay at an ultra-luxurious hotel, for utmost comfort, posh surroundings, exquisite pampering, and the very best accommodations. Keep in mind that if you do so with us, the Exclusive Complimentary Perks will add even more decadence to the trip, making it so worth it!

Four Seasons Hotels, the premier five-star hotel brand with whom we are delighted to have "Preferred Partner" status, offers properties throughout the world.. From Tokyo to Paris, New York to San Francisco, you can enjoy the unique attention that only Four Seasons can deliver. Ritz Carlton is another chain very well known for it’s divine hotels and resorts. The collection across WhataHotel! features an outstanding array of the world's finest hotel brands.

Some people are just incredibly hard to shop for. Family, friends, and colleagues can all present challenges in the gift-giving department. Buying junk is never satisfying, and who wants to waste money on gifts you’ll wonder if they will actually like, want, or even use? You can opt for gifts that cater to the travelers and explorers on your list with things like multi-time-zone watches, snazzy binoculars, high-tech compasses, and cozy blankets, but will they really be useful? So now that we've given you some ideas, please browse around the site and shop!

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