Friday, December 23, 2011

The Top Places on the Planet

Who isn’t compiling a bucket list these days? I hear the term daily, and people seem to be more focused than ever on creating these lists, and preparing themselves to make their personal goals a reality before they (eventually) kick the bucket, no matter what the pricetag. A constant running theme is the recurrence of travel, and visiting spectacular destinations. If money were not an object, oh the places you could visit! 

Luxury is the only way in Dubai. All the limits of conventional excess are pushed here, and everything is created on a grander scale. It was designed to be the world’s ultimate destination, where the best of the best can always be available, where everyone is treated as if royalty, where whatever the experience is, it will be magnified because it is in Dubai. All of Dubai’s accommodations were designed to take world travel to the next level, and it is one extremely decadent island. The best golf in the world, the World Cup of horse racing, great tennis, and excellent water sports make Dubai loaded with excitement. Offering some of the most lavish shopping anywhere, expect to shop in malls which have been created like marble temples. One of Dubai’s most fascinating hotels is the Burj al Arab, and its signature architecture has left a stunning mark on the city’s skyline.

The French Riviera
Long associated with the rich and famous, the luscious Cote d’Azur is stunning. Glamorous and gorgeous, there is no other scenery like it anywhere in the world. It is the ultimate place to see and be seen, and get pampered while you’re at it! Beach vacations and yachting adventures are prime activities here, and between June and September things get booked up quickly.You can always expect some kind of festival, concert, or art gathering in this culturally-rich area. It is wise to plan ahead and book many months prior to your visit because tourists who wait until they arrive to find a room are all too often out of luck! The abundance of gourmet dining options are phenomenal, and you can be sure to spend big eating well! The most incredible place to stay in Cannes is the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes Hotel. Luxury, the exquisite French service, and the waterfront location are stunning!

An island nation and city, Singapore is highly prized for offering an incredible quality of life. The locals are considered some of the happiest people on earth, and demographically it is a very diverse nation. The perfect place to sink into the local cultural mix, enjoy the unbelievable cuisines that vary from Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and European. As the fourth largest financial center in the world, there is a massive amount of money flowing into this Southeast Asian nation. While the country sits on a relatively small accumulation of land, which is quite urbanized to accommodate the population, great measures are kept to maintain the natural environments and ecosystems. The decadence here is laid back, and you have the best offerings of a wealthy metropolis as well as a variety of cultures, and ecotourism pursuits. Interestingly, the shopping isn’t much to mention; pretty much the same round of big names you’d find anywhere. The Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is a luxuriant oasis amidst the bustling city, and is the ideal pad to unwind at. While it is located in the city’s central area, it remains an intimate sanctuary. An amazing feature of this hotel is that it owns a collection of Asian art encompassing more than 1,500 pieces.

Italy’s fashion focal point, if you love to shop then Milan is calling your name. Many have gone very broke, spending way too much on beautiful things here. There is nothing like the quality of Italian fashion, and Milan is home to many of Italy’s top names in the industry. Fashion week here is no joke either; for those with inexhaustible bank accounts and a love of Italian couture, it’s the perfect time to see what the designers have showcased for upcoming seasons. The Four Seasons Hotel Milan is located quickly within walking distance of the couture houses, the prime location for proper shopping. An intimate gem, this hotel holds only 118 suites and rooms, it was originally a convent in the 15th century.

The world’s most expensive city, is a paradise for those who love history, architecture, culture, and shopping. Anyone who visits is keenly aware of the pristine condition the city and it’s monuments are kept in. You can tour cathedrals that date back to the 15th century and experience a wealth of art throughout the city in galleries and museums. As far as excitement goes, the most decadent things about Moscow are the shopping at the exclusive Red Square and witnessing the city’s vibrant nightlife, where you can expect to party with billionaires. At most of the clubs, you must be extremely well-dressed, attractive, and loaded with cash if you expect to get in the door. Some of the richest locals claim dropping as much as $40,000 in a single night of partying in Moscow. For this crowd, the limits of opulence have no boundaries! The Ritz Carlton Moscow is located very close to Red Square, giving you perfect access to everything, while offering the finest accommodations available.

The world is chock full of destinations that are highly expensive, where the luxuries can top all others, where being lavished is the only way, and enjoying them has been known to break the bank for some! If money was not a boundary, where would you go for your fix of indulgences?

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