Thursday, December 8, 2011

I luv you Miami!

Miami now offers another great reason to visit if you're a fan of America's favorite pastime - baseball.
With a new name, and a sparkling new stadium comes a fantastic new identity for both the Major League Marlins and Miami itself.

With two national championships behind them, great weather for being outdoors, and the vibe of a city that lives for fun, it would seem that baseball was the perfect fit. Strangely however, for one reason or another the stars could not align to make baseball work in the magic city. Until now, with much redesigning and a whole lot of rebuilding, things are looking highly positive for the Marlins. The name change was brilliant; it connects them directly to the city of their home base, and has a much nicer ring to it; the “Miami Marlins!”

Nothing can make a team feel more refreshed than having a stadium of their very own, and that is exactly what Marlins Ballpark is. Freed from what was one of the worst stadium leases in the history of MLB, it was definitely hard for the Marlins to feel at “home” in the stadium of another team, of a totally different sport. Previous average attendance lolled around 19,000, and they are expecting to bring that number up to 30,ooo, while the maximum capacity is approximately 37,000.

Marlins Ballpark will make for a great visit, even if baseball isn’t your thing. A state-of-the-art beauty, it will have a retractable roof, and the largest surrounding plaza of any stadium in the US. Two aquariums will be stationed on both sides of the home plate, serving as a backstop. The food court will serve delicacies such as croquetas, exceptional sushi, and stone crabs when in season. To the left of the field, there is a swimming pool, which will be available only to those with paid access.

If you are considering Miami as a destination, here’s just one more incentive! Baseball is a tradition, and the new stadium promises to blow your mind with it’s coolness. It sure doesn’t hurt that two of Miami’s best five-star hotels are within perfect range for staying conveniently. The Four Seasons Miami, and the Mandarin Oriental are situated close by, and both options will provide the ideal place to retreat back to.

Miami is a very multicultural, very Latin city, and as much as baseball is America’s pastime, it is also a major Latin pastime as well. With that said, it’s about time that proper attention has been paid to develop the Marlins into the team they were meant to be. This coming spring, if you are going to be in Miami, make sure you pay Marlins Ballpark a visit!

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