Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in Paris

Paris did not earn the nickname “City of Light” without being able to back it up, and come Christmastime, the spectacular of lights is out of this world! Like everything else, Paris does it in their own signature, classy way which promises to leave an imprint on your memory. At least once in your lifetime you should visit Paris during Christmas!

There really is so much to take in that it can be hard to know where to begin. The displays of light can literally be seen everywhere, on the streets, courtyards, and stores, in brilliant and very artistic renderings. The City of Light does light better than anywhere else in the world, and the elaborately designed exhibitions throughout the city will seriously take your breath away. The atmosphere just glitters! On Christmas Day itself, you can go traditional, and enjoy mass at one of the many famous cathedrals, including midnight mass at Notre Dame. Or, if you are looking for a different kind of excitement than that which you’ll find in the pews, many of the city’s hottest clubs promise a festive time as well.

Paris’ famous Christmas markets are absolutely not to be missed. Here you find the most beautiful and unique gifts and ornaments, all the while enjoying the sights and sounds that fill you up with holiday cheer. Whether your trip is pre-Christmas, or you are celebrating the holiday in Paris entirely, no trip will be complete this time of year without spending some time at the Christmas markets. Paris’ Trocadero holds one of the best!

Perusing the well-known shopping areas and the shops lining the streets, you will have the pleasure of viewing the holiday window displays, which offer decked out holiday scenes and creations. These offer an intense view of Paris’ customary creativity and inventiveness. It isn’t called “window shopping,” the most closely translated word comes out to “window licking” because the offerings are just that delectable- edible and otherwise! A Christmas tree trimmed with nothing but Louboutins? Sounds like every girl’s dream at their storefront. The Chanel display at Printemps features moving Karl Lagerfeld dolls under a starry Paris sky; a humorous take on an often very serious brand. And then there are the sparkling, yet dangerous-looking glass snowflakes dangling in the window at Burberry, which beckon the eyes with their tempting beauty.

And like any good vacation, Christmas in Paris would not be done well without a lovely five-star stay. Of course a city of this magnitude has no shortage of excellent hotels, but here are the top picks. The Four Seasons Paris George V, Hotel de Crillon, and perhaps one of Paris’ most famous, Ritz Paris, will provide abundant sumptuous surroundings to retreat to.

Oh, glittering “City of Light” with your dazzling streets, unique artistry, and unparalleled shopping, you are even more fun during Christmastime!

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