Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where Shopping is Better Than Ever!

The Japanese love their fashion, and equally love to shop. Japanese fashion designers have been on the worldwide mainstream for many years, and Tokyo’s fashion week is never to be missed by those in the industry. Japanese street style is also highly coveted internationally, and we all recognize the iconic, adorable Hello Kitty as an obvious symbol of Japan, appealing to women no matter what their age. Despite worries of a slumping economy, throughout Tokyo over the next few months a slew of new shopping centers are set to open. If you’re into Japanese culture, and are looking to plan a trip to shop, here are some great new reasons why Tokyo's fashion scene is hotter than ever!

Shibuya Hikarie is going to be a mammoth of a commerce center, spanning 34 floors. So major indeed that it will be closely connected to the Japan Railways Shibuya Station, and have its own stops on the closest subway lines. This tower is set to be a hub of epic proportions; the top floors will be designated office spaces, the mid levels will hold a theatre as well as event venues, with the remainder of the building to be a diverse shopping mall called “ShinQs.” It is to be a temple of everything style, aimed at career women in their mid 20’s through 40’s. The first two levels will be entirely devoted to cosmetics products and beauty services. Keeping in line with the modern organics movement, this shopping center is aiming to offer the largest selection of organic and natural products in the entire city. Underground levels will offer gourmet food boutiques as well as restaurants. The range of clothing shops are set to cover all bases, with of course, a hearty offering of designer goods. It definitely sounds like a feast of fashion, and a great place to check out if you’re going to be in Tokyo!

In April, the Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku will be opening in the heart of Tokyo’s fashion district, at the cross section of two very hot shopping streets. This will be the very best of boutique shopping, featuring awesome Japanese names as well as plenty of American and European brands as well. Knowing that the competition is fierce, what will make this shopping center unlike the rest will be the luscious rooftop garden, offering customers a relaxing green-space in a city of concrete, steel, and glass.

Keeping up with their competition, Uniqlo has plans underway for opening their largest store yet. On March 16 it will be unveiled, located in the exclusive, ultra-luxurious Ginza shopping district. It will span 5,000 square meters and 12 floors, with one common goal: featuring the ever-expanding brand of Uniqlo products. As the brand continues to cement it’s presence internationally, this flagship center will serve as the home base.

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Shopping in Japan is about to get even more exciting with the addition of these three great centers. No matter how bad the economy may be, shopping is still a necessity, and Japan is right on point in keeping it interesting!

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