Thursday, December 22, 2011

North America’s Priciest Ski Town

World class skiing, lively cultural offerings, excellent restaurants, a vast number of natural sites, and superb hotels make Vail the reigning destination for all of North American ski destinations. While skiing is often associated with spending big bucks, you won’t do it better than in Vail. Here is a little info as to why this lovely snow village is so hot!

If you let your mind wander onto the topic of ski towns,  Aspen, Telluride, Sun Valley, Stowe, and Park City also come to mind as prime locations for a ski trip. But the real deal, as far as luxury goes is Vail. Although not as glitzy as Aspen, it's totally decked with every amenity possible, with it’s own unique vibe and charm. Recently, it was determined that all costs combined, from hotel rooms, to ski lifts, ski rentals, meals, and other attractions, Vail listed as North America’s most expensive place to ski. While you may raise an eyebrow, it is true that Vail has overthrown Aspen in luxury, popularity, and offerings. Vail is known for offering attentive, detailed service, and as a town they do it very well. Part of the price, yes, and worth every penny!

A huge part of Vail’s appeal is their great roster of resorts. Each is incredible, and provides different settings for enjoying the town. Reserve your stay with us, and you will enjoy the addition of our Exclusive Complimentary Perks! Here are some of the fine offerings:

The Four Seasons Resort Vail is perhaps the finest of all, and will envelop you in its “grand alpine” atmosphere. The slopes cater to all skiers and snowboarders, no matter the level. With an exceptional ski concierge that will pamper your entire skiing experience, it is very easy to get comfortable here.  Their spa is also worthy of a visit, where you can indulge in a host of custom treatments. As a resort that welcomes families as well as couples, in true Four Seasons’ fashion, there are many amenities designed for those with children such as complimentary meals for children five and under, as well as providing toys and equipment for making their stay more at ease and comfortable.

Manor Vail Lodge is a major alternative from the quintessential resort. Like the name says, it’s a lodge, and you will not find a more perfect one! This is the perfect location for visitors who are looking to savor all the nature Vail offers, while providing easy access to the slopes. Walking distance from the Betty Ford Botanical Garden, with bike trails, a golf course, hiking, and all the skiing your heart could possibly desire, you are surrounded by all the best nature Vail has. Everything about this lodge is warm and inviting; their motto is “It’s all right here” and that is no mistake!

The Arrabelle, Vail Square offers the essence of Europe in the epicenter of Vail Square. Luxury down to the most minute of details, you will be immersed in elegance. All the while, you are privileged to take part in all of Vail’s adventurous outdoor activities, especially skiing, and also the great nightlife, restaurants, and shopping.

Skiing is clearly a luxury sport, and entails amazing luxury vacations. Those who are devotees will travel to the ends of the earth, scaling incredible mountains for that exhilarating thrill. A huge part of the enjoyment, however, lies in the luxuries that come with staying in a fabulous ski resort. Unlike so many other sports, skiing is best savored with endless amenities. Going hand-in-hand, there is no shortage of five-star resorts that cater to the desires of skiers in Vail!

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