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Are you itching for a sunny and warm getaway to beat the winter blues? Does an extravagant, modern palace of a resort, resting on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, right outside of LA sound heavenly? Terranea Resort is located just south of Los Angeles, and is the prefect spot for evading winter.

Right now is ideal for a “Winter Escape,” no matter where you are located. While our Exclusive Complimentary Perks are always full of sweet advantages, the winter special at Terranea promises to add even greater value!

Terranea is surrounded on three sides by the ocean, and directly across the channel sits Catalina Island, which is visible from Western views. The Mediterranean legacy of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where the resort is officially located, is evident in every aspect of the décor. From the moment you enter, you will feel the elegant warmth embrace you. This graciousness spreads, from the surroundings to the ultra-attentive staff, who are just waiting to take care of your every need. This is a concept mastered by all of thebest hotels in Los Angeles, however the one-of-a-kind environment, and resort make Terranea unforgettable.

With 102 acres of stunning land and priceless views, you couldn’t imagine a vacation in a more beautiful location. While the charm is entirely of the old world, this resort embraces every modern amenity possible, and is proud to be considered an “eco resort.” Understanding the needs of their clientele, Terranea makes every effort to offer their guests a wide range of recreational activities that will enthrall every one of your senses. The resort is known for it’s world-class nine-hole golf course and exceptional spa, however the surrounding area of the Palos Verde Peninsula provides ample amounts of opportunities for enjoying the ocean as well as the coast. The horseback riding, hiking, biking, standup paddleboarding, scuba diving, whale watching, and fishing are unbelievable if you can pull yourself away from the resort for a little while. And then, if you feel really adventurous, you are not far at all from LA, where you will get more than your share of action!

Terranea was designed to offer guests a full spectrum of accommodations, ranging from ocean-view rooms, to deluxe suites, villas, the incomparable casitas, and the ultra-exclusive Spa Club Bungalows. While the suites and guestrooms are spacious, casually luxurious, and elegantly simple, they offer the perfect level of comfort and amenities. The casitas and private villas present even more luxury, space, and lend a very residential feel to guests who want more family-oriented accommodations. They are very private, and allow guests to feel perfectly at home with the incredible surroundings. In the bungalows, you can expect every indulgence possible, with all the luxury that Terranea can offer, while you delight in all of the amenities of a “spa” vacation. The bungalows are more fun for adults only, and focus on total relaxation, and pampering meant to revitalize.

This palatial resort draws its vacationers back over and over again. There’s just something magical about the way Terranea has been perfectly designed, taking full advantage of the outstanding views, providing sumptuously spacious suites and rooms, while being in perfect harmony with the beautiful natural environment. Indeed, it is a extraordinary resort to escape winter!

Four Seasons Koh Samui

Trendy, glitzy, and getting hotter all the time, Koh Samui has this charming ability to lure in tourists that range from idealistic, soul- searching backpackers, to the luxury-seeking jetsetters. What once was a hippie paradise, is now an island of lavish relaxation. On the Gulf of Siam, Koh Samui is waiting to wrap you up in it’s glory!

This fab island has upstaged the appeal of Phuket, and entices those in need of an exotic, polished, island getaway. Perhaps the most magnificent among all of the Thai islands, you can still experience the distinctive culture while immersed in the necessary creature comforts.

If you are planning a trip to this stunning island, staying at the Four Seasons Koh Samui is a must! As one of the best hotels in Thailand, the standards of perfection are very high. Totally out of the way, the meditative calmness here will put any traveler at ease. Hillside villas in the traditional Thai style are quaintly set into the landscape of lush gardens, many with stunning views overlooking the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Siam. Every villa features chic modern-island décor, rich with Thai influences, and opulent private infinity pools. Be prepared, for when the Four Seasons signature attention to detail is met with gracious Thai hospitality, the results are impeccable!

As far as food goes, there really is no need to mention how awesome local Thai cuisine is. Not far from Malaysia, there is an unmistakable influence of Indonesia in Koh Samui’s culinary offerings, whether you are eating at a food shack or are feasting five-star. The dining choices at the Four Seasons are fully representative of the area, and their fine establishment, “Lan Tania” brings both Thai and Italian specialties to the table. Dining here, you can savor your meal as well as spectacular sunsets on the Gulf of Siam. An amazing place to eat, it’s a wise idea to make reservations ahead of time!

Another reason the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is the ultimate spot for the luxury-seeking traveler is that you will be pampered here, like nowhere else. What's more, since WhataHotel! is owned by Lorraien Travel which is a Preferred Partner of the Four Seasons brand, placing bookings at any Four Seasons Hotel & Resort has its advantages because WhataHotel! guests get Exclusive Complimentary Perks at all Four Seasons properties. In short, you will be viewed as privileged, and it is a very nice thing!

Thailand has a dual reputation. On one hand, it’s known for being a wild, raucous destination where the parties can go on for days. Yet on the other, it is a place of vast serenity, with the spiritual notions nearly everywhere you go in the entire country. The hot, tropical climate makes it a favorite destination among Europeans, as well as Asians who reside in more northern regions. While the mainland may be bustling with it’s energetic pulse, the scene on Koh Sumai is anything but!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Don’t be mistaken by it’s laid back vibe, Oahu is an unbelievably rich cultural explosion! Every expert on the local scene has got their fair share of favorite places to find amazing art, food, design, fashion, and spots for viewing the vast natural resources; ranging from endangered sea turtles, to stargazing in Waimea Valley.
A fusion of culture, breath-taking sites, and one very cool place to spend a vacation, "the gathering place" as Oahu is known,will make you want to never leave!

Honlulu, the capital of the Hawaiian Islands whcih is on he sooutheastern shore of Oahu beckons beach-lovers, adventurers, surfers, and those in search of the idyllic island life. Honlulu boasts one of the most famous beaches in the world: Waikiki Beach. Here, on any given day the presence of true Hawaiian life occurs simultaneously alongside the mass of visitors that flock to the area. The exceptional Waimea Bay has tantalized surfers for decades with it’s larger-than-life breaks. The waves can soar up to 50 feet from the right winter storms, however the bay is generally smooth, calm, and waveless during the summer months. The East Shore is filled with gorgeous jungles and pristine spots along the coast. The calm waters are perfect for outrigger canoeing, and the freediving is incredible. If you have no fear, have yourself a plunge off “da Big Rock,” which is a massive rock formation that juts into the bay.

While some of the best hotels in Honolulu can promise luxury, striking views, and the warm Hawaiian spirit, the place to stay is Halekulani. With a name that translates as “House Befitting Heaven,” you will feel just that when you enter the lobby. This luxurious, palatial resort spreads across five acres of beachfront splendor. It has been a Waikiki staple for almost 100 years. Nearly a century of exquisite service, benevolent hospitality, and well-appointed décor, it is the embodiment of island luxury. All the while it carries an understated grace, an elegance that speaks for itself, without ever being ostentatious.

If you like to eat, that’s a very good thing in Honlulu. There is an abundance of good food to be found in this city, and from morning til night, you will be a very well-fed vacationer! The Polynesian food is a total staple, and you’ll find tons of places that do it right. In this climate, where the volcanic soil makes for fantastic produce, you will be savoring a whole lot of it. The spot “Town,” is loved for being classically Hawaiian, serving only locally sourced foods, and awesome cocktails in a relaxed setting. The menu is ever changing, so you can always expect something exciting. For breakfast, a fave among surfers is “Café Haleiwa,” where the omelets are unbelievable. No trip to Oahu would be right without a visit to Haleiwa Joe’s. A hipster joint that gets packed nightly, with locals, surfers, and tourists, it features Hawaiian-fusion cuisine, and very elaborate cocktails. Japanese cuisine courtesy of “Nobu” and “Morimoto” add some sophistication, and make excellent use of all the fresh, locally caught seafood, as well as the area’s Japanese heritage.

The Polynesian Cultural Center will deliver a feast for the eyes in everything imaginably Polynesian. You can experience the classic luau, where you will be served poi, kalua pua’a, and poke as you delight in the live entertainment of classic hula dancers and Samoan fire-knife dancing.

A beach-side haven, with luxurious hotels and picturesque sites at every turn, Honlulu is simply paradise, in every sense of the word. You will find local art everywhere, and with surroundings this gorgeous it goes as no surprise that people are continuously inspired here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Getaways

The world is filled with seductive spots that will make celebrating Valentine's spectacular. Most certainly you can stay locally, wherever you may be, and book in the most luxurious hotel in your city, for a more laid back, stay-cation type of celebration. If that’s up your alley, be sure to check out our collection of the best hotels in the world. However, if you’re not aiming low-key, and want to really set off the fireworks for the occasion, here are some premier destinations for love. Booking your reservations with us, at any of these properties will ensure an even sweeter Valentine's Day getaway because of our Exclusive Complimentary Perks!

San Francisco is a prime spot for romantic endeavors. There is always plenty to do and see, and there is no end to the extraordinary places to eat. With some incredibly intimate boutique hotels that will definitely up the charm, such as the brilliantly elegant Clift, this town promises an exciting trip for V-Day. Clift manages to capture all of San Francisco’s artistic roots and timeless edginess within a single hotel, with it’s famous design elements orchestrated by the one and only Philippe Starck, and it’s equally impressive collection of modern furniture pieces from the likes of Dali, Marguerite, and William Sawaya.  For the most opulent, brazenly luxurious way to savor the city by the bay, head to the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco. The level of service, and the attention to detail will satisfy even the hardest to please. An added bonus is that you really cannot beat those Bay Area sunsets on the coast!

Step into another time and state of mind with your loved one in Edinburgh. There is more than enough history to keep the city magical, with the elegant architecture of castles in the distance. All the while it is a beaming, culturally-rich metropolis offering any modern amenity you could dream of. The Royal Mile is an excellent place to amble down slowly, drinking in the sites. The Balmoral Edinburgh by Rocco Forte is a stylish, five-star hotel that will have you in the city’s hot seat during your entire stay. A leading example of European luxury, a Valentine’s Day spent here will be unforgettable!

The entire nation of France just exudes romance, cliché or not! If you’re looking for cozy, and a destination that makes staying in all the more alluring, the magic of the French Countryside awaits you in Provence. Stay at the Four Seasons Resort Provence, where you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous views of the rolling hills, sip delectable wines, have the opportunity to play golf at one of finest golf courses in France, and enjoy the exceptional spa facilities which are renowned as some of the best in Europe. Make it the perfect Valentine’s Day treat by reserving one of the exclusive VIP couple’s suites at the spa!

With less than a month to plan, get booked, and go, Valentine’s Day is creeping quickly upon us! Have you got your romantic vacation booked yet? 

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Aman Resorts are perfectly placed in select destinations. They are set into idyllic natural surroundings, built with spectacular architecture, and created to ensure guests the most authentic, tranquil vacation imaginable. Maybe even more than you imagined! The idea is quality over quantity, and there are only a select number of rooms per resort. The essence of exclusivity is the foundation of Aman Resorts. The word Aman is Sanskrit for “peace,” and their resorts are the absolute defining essence of it!

Amangiri, in Canyon Point, Utah is a spectacular resort nestled into a valley that gazes out onto the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. Highly awarded, it is very well known for being one of America’s top destinations for luxurious enjoyment of Utah’s southern desert climate. This resort was made for savoring the pleasure of the natural surroundings, as it was literally built into the landscape. While the structure holds a very commanding presence, it does not overwhelm and is in perfect harmony with the environment, maintaining a very intimate sophistication. The property’s main building is the central Pavilion, and it encompasses a stunning swimming pool on the exterior, which too, was built into the natural stone formations. This may be the resort’s most impressive element, as it’s views are utterly astounding. With a limited number of suites, each showcases the area’s incredible desert views. The Aman Spa at Amangiri is also no stranger to accolades, especially for such features as it’s floatation therapy pavilion, steam room, water pavilion with accompanying sauna, and the cold plunge with the step pool. The additional fitness centre and yoga pavilion also lend to the spirit of therapeutic wellness and serenity!

For nature enthusiasts looking for the finest way to savor all of Yellowstone National Park, you have to stay at the Amangani. Set into the historical landscape, the Yellow Stone resort sits atop a high mountain valley, East Gros Ventre Butte in Jackson Hole. Gazing out from the resort, you will find meadows, the Snake River Valley, and then the spectacular Tetons in the distance. This resort calls to mind the greatness of the American West, with a modern flair. As one of America’s premier destination resorts, Amangani has been awarded numerous times, making Conde Nast’s Gold List more than three times, received recognition in Conde Nast’s Gold List as “Best for Design – North America,” it has been named one of the “Top 30 Small Resorts in the US,” and placed among the “Top 20 United States Hideaways” on Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report in 2011. While the winter season is glorified by the excellent skiing, which Jackson Hole is famous for, throughout the year you can enjoy all of the incredible natural vistas the area holds.

How could you possibly enjoy the untamed, untainted beauty of the British Virgin Islands more than in perfect union with your surroundings? With a stay at Amanyara, on the gorgeous island of Turks and Caicos. This exclusive and exceptionally luxurious resort consists of private villas and pavilions set into the tropical landscape, surrounded by ponds and elegant gardens that have been cultivated within the natural rugged stone of the headlands. Beyond all of this lies the powdery, white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, where some of the best diving in the world can be found. The resort’s swimming pool features exquisite vistas of the ocean, from a sprawling terrace. Amanyara’s spa is also worth noting, as it offers stunning views of a reflection pond, and is surrounded by gorgeous vegetation. Morning outdoor yoga classes are complimentary, and are held every morning in the spa’s yoga sala. Contemporarily classic, refined and peaceful, this is the epitome of paradise.

Aman Resorts may not be widely known but that is definitely not their goal. Their aim is to create luxury in an intimate setting, where personal attention can be a maximum part of the service. This brand wants to be set apart from the crowd of five-star hoteliers, to offer something different, something more along the lines of exclusivity and tranquility, wherever in the world they are located.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Acqualina Resort & Spa

Perfectly situated between Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, sits the elegant Acqualina Resort & Spa, Sunny Isles Beach. Miami’s premier ocean resort, out of the way from the frenzied party scene of South Beach, and designed to pamper guests in every possible way; this is how you enjoy Miami in optimal opulence.

A palace that echoes with Mediterranean influences, this resort holds a calming, luxuriant ambiance. With 4.5 sprawling, oceanfront acres and gorgeously landscaped gardens, the resort offers 400 feet of coastline right outside. It is one of the few resorts in all of Miami that can deliver extravagance, serenity, and privacy perfectly executed to such a degree. Innovative as well as tranquil, for families the children’s program based on marine biology will stimulate any child’s need for fun and intelligent stimulation! And booking a reservation through WhataHotel! promises an even greater sense of luxury because we offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks when you reserve with us, which you will not receive through other sites.

To say the status is excellent is kind of an understatement. Countless awards have been bestowed, both from industry leaders, as well as those in the category of “reader’s choice.” When an establishment acquires the AAA Five Diamond award, you know your stay is going to be just that good. Other accolades have been the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awards 2008, Fodor’s Choice Gold Award 2010, and Andrew Harper’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Award.

After a day spent enjoying the white-sand beach, and the intoxicating warmth of the Miami sunshine, retreat back to the spa for the “Escape From the Beach” treatment, to further induce a state of relaxation. The resort’s glorious spa draws both visitors from all over the area, as well as those who travel there for simply enjoying the spa. ESPA has built a reputation as one of the finest spas in the world, and with their first North American location, they have solidified their presence outside of Europe. This spa is unlike any other, and is designed to take the spa experience to an elevated level. With foundations in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic science, this spa has signature treatments that are as rejuvenating for the body and mind, as they are for the spirit. Different from anything else in Miami, guests are warmly invited to unwind and relax in the ESPA atmosphere with complimentary access to the stunning Crystal Steam Rooms, Experience Showers, Finnish Saunas, and will receive a $40 spa credit for each night that is spent at the resort. The ESPA spa at Acqualina has received a multitude of awards in it’s own right, such as being named one of the Top Spas in the Americas and Caribbean by Conde Nast Traveller, being named “Miami’s Best Day Spa” by Allure Magazine, and placed among the top ten of Spa Finder’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Offering four different dining options, Acqualina presents sophisticated, yet relaxed cuisine with incomparable settings. The exclusive Costa Grill is open for lunch daily, from 11:00am to 6:00pm, and serves only resort guests, residents, and members. On Friday and Saturday evenings, when the weather permits, beachfront dinners can be enjoyed at this casually serene spot. The renowned Il Mulino New York presents an exquisite new location here in Miami, from the New York landmark restaurant. Formal, yet vibrant and exciting, you can savor the best of New York’s Italian legacy indulgently in the tropics. For an intimate dinner, how about being served on the beach at a private, candlelit setting, with cuisine from Il Mulino?

Here you can find more of the best hotels in Miami.  

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Cancelling Your Cruise ?

No matter how luxurious a cruise ship is, a five-star hotel is so much more. While the buffets may come quicker than you finished your last meal, and the overly eager staff will assist you in nearly anything you ask for, there really is no comparison. Floating Vegas-style debauchery where everything is precisely prescribed can definitely have it’s benefits, but most of the time, nothing compares to seeing the sites and then relaxing in an exceptional hotel. Keeping in mind last week’s tragedy off the Italian coast, we highly encourage you to opt for more stable, more luxurious accommodations on your next vacation.

Nothing against cruises, per se, but the kind of service you receive on land is far superior. Cruises offer up a precisely planned repertoire, and when you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all, no matter how the interiors differ. In a luxury hotel, if you have needs or special requests, often no matter how outlandish they may be, your concierge will have them met, sometimes before you even arrive. There are so many little details that a hotel can offer, while giving you the options surrounding towns and cities provide. Cruises can get stuffy, and even booking the largest suite on the boat can feel claustrophobic at times. In between destinations, you are literally stuck on board. You have only the same options for eating which includes a small variety of restaurants to choose from. Another thing to think about is the “gourmet” food which is served will never be as fresh as in a place not moving because of the amount of preparation that needs to happen beforehand. Most top-notch restaurants are certainly never serving that many courses, to that many people in a single night, never sacrificing quality!

While many people view cruises as an affordable way to travel to multiple places in comfort, many of the hassles and inconveniences get overlooked. The freedom and ease you have in a hotel does have a price, but when you weigh out all of your options, you may find the costs even out. When you book a reservation with WhataHotel! you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks at an enormous variety of five-star hotels from our collection throughout the world, adding additional amenities and savings.

While cruising enables travelers a sense of luxury by boarding your hotel, and traveling to and from each destination, it can actually get quite stressful. These kinds of itineraries often leave little room for exploration and spontaneous diversions. In each locale, you have only a measured amount of time to see the destination, and you will certainly never get to feel its essence on such a strict schedule. Cruising through Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, around Mexico, and Hawaii have always been favorite vacations among cruising aficionados. In Hawaii and the Caribbean, the islands have ferries and other boating services that cater to travelers wanting to travel to other islands. This is bound to appeal to anyone seeking adventure, and it offers the guest the chance to decide on a whim where they’d like to go. It also offers a more authentic taste of the local culture.

In Europe, where so many famous cities and countries are located within a very close proximity of one another, hopping from one to the next can actually be quite easy on land. You can stay in a multitude of luxurious hotels, never sacrificing comfort, and all the while play it by ear in how you savor each location. And if there is one thing about this continent is that Europe has some of the best, five-star hotels in the world. If hitting only the big tourist spots is your thing, enjoy them on your own terms. A cruise cannot offer the thrill of discovery, which is one of the best parts of traveling to begin with. Do a little research ahead of time, to get an idea about where to eat locally. Of course, your hotel will most likely have superb dining in the local customs as well as catering to tourists.

Wherever you may travel to, there is nothing like being on your own two feet to truly experience a place. When you stay in a five-star hotel, the experience is optimal. If you really need to experience a cruise at some point, go for it, but guaranteed you’ll come off of it relishing luxury hotels that much more!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton name is a legend when it comes to five-star hotels. Spanning the world and every major destination, their impressive collection of hotels attract the most discriminating travelers seeking distinction. Founded on a combination of European excellence and American intelligence, it all began with Cesar Ritz who was considered the “king of hoteliers and the hotelier to kings.” Their level of service is outstanding, and has been used as an example by which many other companies, not just hotels, set their standards by. Here is an in depth look at the origins of this intriguing, landmark brand.

The first hotel to bear the Ritz label was the Hotel Ritz Paris, followed by the Ritz Hotel London, and both were lead by Cesar Ritz. While not entirely under the ownership and management of Ritz, several hotels were opened in North America bearing the Ritz name. When the Ritz-Carlton Boston opened it’s doors in 1927, it signaled a new era in American hotels, and it changed the essence of what a luxury hotel was to be considered. It was an instant success, and became a favorite among Boston’s wealthiest and aristocrats. The level of status that this particular hotel held was like no other. It was deemed as something of a private club, and entrance was only granted to the extremely rich, and privileged. There was a strictly enforced dress code that was aligned with the formal standards of Boston high society. Before the 1960’s, the level of formality was excessive. Holding such stature allowed the hotel to go to such measures as dismissing reservation requests if the paper upon which the inquiry was written was not posh enough.

Soon, Ritz-Carlton was established as a chain, extending into the area of resorts in addition to extremely luxurious hotels. As a brand, they are highly awarded, continuously being recognized for their service, excellent hotels, and incredible dining. Today, the reputation remains the same, and throughout the world, in their resorts and hotels you can expect exquisite service, gorgeous interiors, and some of the very best accommodations money can buy. In every major city, Ritz-Carlton has you covered. Cool fact: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong towers nearly 500 meters into the sky, and has the boasting claim of being the tallest hotel in the world.

Always a first choice among celebrities, by the 1940’s the Ritz hotels of Europe became synonymous with providing safe shelter to many ousted rulers during the tumultuous years of World War II. Housing the likes of royalty, government officials, spies, members of the British Cabinet, and arms dealers, who sought the refuge of hotels such as the Ritz Hotel London and Hotel Ritz Paris for their impeccably built structures that were touted to be safer than anywhere else from the threat of bombs. There were such monarchs as King Zog of Albania, and King Peter of Yugoslavia now mingling with covert spies disguised as socialites, one can only imagine the conversations that went down in these places! One of the Ritz Paris’s most famous inhabitants was Coco Chanel, who took up residence there when the Nazis occupied the city. A woman with a talent for survival as much as fashion, it was her romantic involvement with a Nazi officer that provided her perfect access to move into such a protected dwelling. It was this same talent that kept Mademoiselle Chanel from being charged for war crimes, as those around her served time after the war for their involvement, as she cited her resourcefulness in just happening to know the right people.

The Ritz-Carlton brand has been legendary from the start. Owning a unique, interesting history, and being the location for historical happenings has only added to the mystique. From their roots and into the future, the excellence in service and luxury is outstanding. Gold stars and diamond ratings are nothing new here, it’s part of the package and expected. Year after year, from Conde Nast to Forbes Travel, you can expect the Ritz-Carlton name to be repeated time and time again. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Seasons Maui Deals

Considered by many to be the finest island in all the world, Maui is exceptional. It’s no wonder that it has been voted as the “Best Island by Conde Nast readers for seventeen years. This “palace by the sea” will envelop and immerse you in paradise!

Maui at Wailea has long been a spot for enjoying Hawaiian luxury to the extreme. While our site offers among the best hotels in Maui, the Four Seasons stands out in the crowd. For those looking for luxury that isn’t stuffy, sophistication without gimmicks, this property is the real deal. The Four Seasons Maui at Wailea reflects all the inherent beauty of the island, and exemplifies it with magnificent surroundings and signature, understated elegance. The hotel boasts the largest guest rooms of any hotel on the entire island, while maintaining every effort to provide an intimate setting. If you have money to spend, there is nowhere better to do so than here! When you book your reservation with us, you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks that add excellent value to your booking. What's more, Lorraine Travel (which owns WhataHotel!) is a Preferred Partner agency of Four Seasons and the "Preferred Partner" label differentiates your reservation when it comes to special courtesies like a Room Upgrade.

As expected, the level of service you will receive from the minute you step onto the property is a testament to the brand, and will definitely not disappoint. With perfectly manicured, fragrant gardens, courtyards, a gorgeous infinity pool, and stunning views, all of your senses will be indulged here. While this hotel epitomizes the essence of laid-back posh, one extraordinary detail here is the massive collection of contemporary Hawaiian art that can be found throughout the entire resort. From paintings to sculpture and pottery, every guest can experience this unique and intrinsic aspect of the culture.

Maui is known for it’s perfect weather, stunning gardens filled with lush, native flora and fauna, white-sand beaches, and the majestic view of the Haleakala National Park, which is home to the massive peak of a dormant volcano. As a destination, it welcomes more than 2 million visitors yearly. Recreation is the biggest draw for visitors, as Maui offers an incredible amount of outdoor attractions. As part of their services and amenities, the hotel organizes excursions in whale watching and outrigger canoeing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. During the winter months, this area is home to the impressive humpback whales, whose underwater songs will enchant the ears of anyone who hears them. If you’re interested in golf, Wailea offers three spectacular golf courses merely minutes from the Four Seasons. Golfing against this island backdrop, as the emerald rolling hills abruptly end at the glistening Pacific, is one of the most beautiful settings for golf you could ever experience. Tennis courts courtesy of Wailea Tennis Center, (as well as two that are onsite), volleyball, basketball, a putting green, free use of bicycles, and the three swimming pools offer plenty of options for enjoying the outdoors while you are here.

As an obvious choice for families who want the most comfortable accommodations available, the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea has dedicated a wealth of services that specifically cater to these needs. By far, this resort is the most family-friendly on all of Maui. In-room baby-proofing, a wading pool, complimentary beach and pool toys, children’s bathrobes, complimentary toiletries for babies and children, and a wading pool are just some of the amenities meant to make families feel at home here. Babysitting services can be arranged, and there is a whole programme dedicated to providing activities for the young vacationer. Children’s desires are indulged as much as their parents’ whims, and the level of spoiling will reach ultimate levels after a vacation spent here! In fact, I don’t think any child who would want to leave at all!

The Maui Spa is a prime example of what a spa should be, and offers incredible renewing services. Meant to rejuvenate, and revive your spirit with Hawaiian treatments, massages, in addition to wellness therapies such as acupuncture, and guided meditations, your bliss level will be maxed-out!

Three highly acclaimed restaurants await you here, and they are all kid-friendly. Fine dining at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s masterpiece, offers Hawaiian and California-fusion cuisine, overlooking the shore. Ferraro’s Bar E Ristorante is the only restaurant in Wailea that offers beachside dining in an open-air setting. Taking advantage of Maui’s divine weather, savoring a glass of wine under the stars is an unbeatable experience. The cuisine is rustic Italian, and nightly you can enjoy the live, instrumental Italian music. Slightly more relaxed is Duo, specializing in fine steaks and seafood. Offering locally farmed Kobe-style beef, exquisite seafood, delectable specialty cocktails, and a stellar international wine list, Duo’s award-winning chefs do not disappoint! The poolside location that overlooks the sea is unbelievable, and will have mesmerized throughout your meal.

Hawaii may call to mind luaus and hula girls, ukulele tunes and those eponymous shirts that signify “vacation.” You can surely get your fill of the tourist experience when visiting Maui, but if you’re looking for a more authentic, casually lux and relaxed encounter, the Four Seasons Maui will wrap it’s elegance gloriously around you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Four Seasons New York

In a city brimming with fine hotels, the Four Seasons New York stands out as a pillar of sophistication, luxury, and exclusivity. Considering all the New York luxury hotels, this speaks volumes of what the Four Seasons offers. While many five-star hotels take opulence over the top, and many seriously overdo it, this one does it all perfectly on point. With an understated elegance that “walks the walk” in terms of an exemplary hotel; after staying here once, you will never see NYC the same way!

Upon entering, even those accustomed to opulent surroundings will be taken aback by the lobby’s magnificence. It holds an eloquent relaxation, a soothing atmosphere meant to whisk you quickly away from the commotion just outside. It is at that first moment you begin to feel the luxury sinking in. Cathedral ceilings supported by massive marble pillars fit with a contemporary art deco design, give this entry a larger-than-life feel. While it is the tallest luxury hotel in New York City, and despite being massive and absolutely astounding, there is an inescapable elegance and serenity that allow you to relax immediately. The aura of this hotel really is like no other. It is the perfect antidote, the definitive place to stay in New York to escape the city!

The hotel holds 368 spacious rooms, of which 63 are exceptional suites. Most offer incredible Manhattan views, while others gaze onto Central Park through substantial windows. All of the plush, custom furnishings carry a running theme of soothing, pale coloring, and the rooms are continuously updated to deliver the most modern amenities. The marble-clad bathrooms invite instant relaxation with their deep soaking tubs that are designed to fill to capacity within 60 seconds. Many rooms offer furnished terraces, where you can enjoy the sites of the city and Central Park from the privacy of your own room.

Located perfectly in Midtown, you will have excellent access to Fifth Avenue’s world renowned shopping, and the charm of Central Park, in addition to hundreds of other attractions that always have the city hopping.

As for dining, you should expect only the very best. Three lounges offer stylish, classy spots for relaxing and savoring a beverage. The enchanted forest of The Garden lends a magical element to breakfasts, brunches, and lunches enjoyed there, surrounding you with acacia trees from Africa. 2 Michelin stars were just awarded to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in the 2012 Michelin guide. This fine French restaurant is the crowning achievement of chef Joel Robuchon, exemplifying his culinary artistry. As exclusive as restaurants get in New York, reservations are required, and made at a minimum of 30 days prior; full capacity seats 46.

With all of these incredible reasons to book a stay at the Four Seasons New York, the greatest and most revered attribute of this legendary hotel is the unparalleled level of service. It is not a cliché with the Four Seasons; it is an absolute part of the foundation. As a Preferred Partner with the Four Seasons brand, we proudly offer additional, Exclusive Complimentary Perks and amenities by simply reserving with us. Your every request is going to be met, every desire granted. The staff is there to please and treat every guest as if royalty, and you’ll surely feel it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best hotels San Diego

San Diego’s got a lot to offer the traveler. It’s a vibrant, colorful city, and it’s anything but ordinary. From stunning beaches to blazing nightlife in the Gaslamp District, a unique shopping scene, an endless amount of great places to eat, tons of outdoor activities, local wineries, and the most famous zoo in the country. Whatever your forte, and whatever your age, San Diego can please any world traveler!

With 70 miles of excellent beaches, you can spend your entire vacation on the water. Among visitors and locals alike, whale tours are immensely popular. Nothing can compare to the majesty of being at arm’s reach of the massive California gray whales as they migrate from Alaska. This excursion is only accessible during the winter and spring months from December through April, however, because once the waters warm up, the whales head back to the colder waters. The peak time to witness them is mid-January, when it’s possible to view up to 200 of them in a single day!

All throughout San Diego, you can expect to find amazing food. Farmer’s markets, tiny yet brilliantly authentic Mexican food, the best sushi outside of Japan, incredible fusion pizzas that cross cuisines like Latin, Thai, Indian, and Italian, succulent seafood, ethnic foods from every country possible, and five-star dining that will blow your mind. No matter where you’re eating in San Diego, your taste buds will be in heaven. If you’re one to travel for the enjoyment of food, from January 15th through 20th, San Diego Restaurant Week will be happening. All of San Diego’s best eats will be putting up three-course menus with excellent prices. Make reservations before you go, though, because this event is as popular with local foodies as visitors!

For a different take on the food scene, you absolutely cannot visit San Diego without hitting up the gourmet food trucks. While there are food trucks in nearly every big city in the US these days, San Diego’s are top-notch because they represent the already astonishing food that permeates every corner! Because they are mobile, and utterly transient, the best way to keep up with these gourmet digs on wheels is via social media because even though they tend to run on a weekly schedule, it’s better to know beforehand.

And then there are the hotels. As awesome as everything else about this beautiful city, the five-star hotels and all of their amenities are what (hotel) dreams are made of. Our collection of the best hotels in San Diego offers something for any traveler wanting a signature experience in the local culture without sacrificing any comfort. Top-rated spas are expected, and any of these hotels will please and pamper you with their distinct treatments and attention to detail. The ultimate spot is the Paradise Point Resort, which is an exclusive private island comprised of 44 gorgeous acres set into Mission Bay. Total luxury, yet always comfortable, the guest rooms were done in a beach-bungalow style. The grounds are landscaped with lush gardens, with serene lagoon views. Amidst all of this paradisiacal seclusion, you are merely minutes from downtown, and all of the major attractions. You really get the best of everything at this resort! For more action in the middle of all the action, the W San Diego is located in downtown. While the beaches are just a short drive away, the rooftop Beach Bar is a pleasant reminder with it’s heated sand and spectacular views of the skyline. The Grand Del Mar has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the “World’s Best Places to Stay,” and is definitely among the most luxurious resorts in all of San Diego. Housing the only restaurant that has been recognized as both Five-Star and Five Diamond, you will be eating very well when you stay there! The world-class golf, top-rated spa, and superior Mediterranean decor are sensational, and will envelop you in a cocoon of sumptuous comfort at this exceptional resort.

To top off all the great reasons to visit San Diego, it also has, arguably, the best climate anywhere in America. Uncontrollably sunny and warm, semi-arid yet on the shores of the Pacific means you get the best vacation weather possible. Pair that with an exquisite hotel, excellent food, fun attractions, and beautiful surroundings; what more could you ask for?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Buenos Aires Best Hotels

One of South America’s most unique cities, full of old world charm yet is entirely a modern, metropolitan city, is the graceful, ethereal Buenos Aires. It is a mix of European influence in a purely Latin environment. It is a place filled with beauty: from it's people to its historic architecture, and landscapes. You’ll find amazing shopping, with the best of all South America can offer; local crafts, traditional garments, and loads of high-end boutiques. The nightlife is wild, Argentine food is exquisite, there are amazing hotels, and you can definitely spend some time learning the seductive art of tango!

Argentines are passionately heated people. Whatever endeavor may be consuming them, they do it with intensity and they do it right. There is a running current of the nation’s heritage, the European laid-back coolness is always evident in the attitudes and the energy of the city. However, when it comes to soccer, dance, design, wine and food, it’s all about ferocity. These mainstays of the culture are so important to it’s people, and equally important and enjoyed by visitors that there are no compromises to be made. Any which way you experience them, you’ll feel the emotion that was put into the execution. Culturally, Argentina will excite you with all the eye-candy and offerings for experience.

Many people travel to Buenos Aires simply to enjoy the cuisine. World-famous for their beef, this is not the most appropriate destination for vegetarians! All throughout the city, you can find family-operated cafes, in very homelike settings, serving traditional dishes of select cuts of beef, game, and mollejas. No trip to Buenos Aires, or anywhere in Argentina would be complete without savoring the famous local wines and cheeses, and you can be assured that you can enjoy them nearly everywhere. You can also find many places that serve excellent traditional Spanish and Italian cuisines, which pay homage to Argentina’s colonial days.

On weekends, the Mataderos fair is not to be missed. Experience the action of gauchos gallantly displaying their skills with their horses. This event also features a gorgeous display of the artisan craftsmanship that goes into the creation of their locally made ponchos, handmade knives, jewelry and many goods that come from the countryside.

Buenos Aires is loaded with exceptional luxury hotels. Decadent and complete with incredible detail, you will love your surroundings when you stay at any of these five-star digs. Here is our line-up of the best hotels in Buenos Aires. The "people's choice award" goes to Four Seasons Buenos Aires will more than make you fall in love with the city; it will make you never want to leave. A single night’s price tag here is a heavy one, but oh-so worth it! Located near everything in the La Recoleta district, this stunning classic French mansion has a distinct vintage beauty with an onslaught of modern conveniences and all the contemporary luxuries you could possibly want. As an added bonus, there are many additional amenities that cater to families with children. is pleased to have “Preferred Partner Status” with the Four Seasons brand, and we offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks with all Four Seasons hotels.

Upon entering Buenos Aires, you may be a bit confused. The architecture speaks of the 19th century, the green plains are reminiscent of Northwestern Europe. Old, old traditions are preserved in daily life, yet at times it seems things are utterly “right now,” and entirely on cue with the current times. It is a city of tradition without fear of advancement into the future. Diverse and exciting, Buenos Aires is a city like none other you’ve ever been to!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Hotels in Rio for Carnival

The entire Catholic world parties for Carnival. The Europeans brought Catholicism to the Americas, and there are customary celebrations all throughout the Caribbean, South America, and the wildly festive party that happens in New Orleans, where the bacchanal is called “Mardi Gras.” No matter what name it goes by, and no matter where it’s celebrated, there is no destination that can match the fervor, velocity, or passion by which Brazil celebrates their most famous endeavor: Carnival. A celebration of all the pleasures of the flesh, and a time to party as hard as possible before Lent, Brazil takes it to the extreme every single year!

A world away from the austere celebrations in Europe, and heavily influenced by the culture’s African heritage, Brazilian Carnival has set it’s own standards, traditions, and mood. There is no other event in the world that draws a foreign crowd of over 500,000. The total number of partygoers is actually way larger, as the entire nation participates in the festivities. Everywhere in the nation, Carnival is celebrated, but Rio’s party is the biggest, best, and most sought after. It is no joke when it’s called the biggest party in the world, and that is what happens for four days and nights. It is an explosive, electrifying experience that will have you in sensory overload. A visual spectacle of glittering costumes, impressive choreography from the many samba schools, and music so loud you can feel it inside, with drums that match your own heart beat. Year after year, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is always an exciting event! For sure, when you see the sight of the Sambadrommo, the street-stadium where the parade takes place, you will be stunned and mesmerized! While the parade is never to be missed, afterwards people party on the streets of Rio well into the morning hours.

One amazing facet of Carnival is how it unifies a nation. It is such a massive event, and crosses all socio-economic boundaries in a country where there are enormous divides between the wealthy and the poor. Everyone in the nation is a part of the celebration, with absolutely no discrimination!

At least once in your lifetime you should make the pilgrimage to Rio for Carnival.
Many people book months and years in advance because Carnival draws such an enormous crowd, that hotels really fill up fast. It is also well known that this is the height of Brazil’s tourist season, and you can expect to splurge big on your hotel room. Here is our collection of the best hotels in Rio. Booking with us will entitle you to fabulous Exclusive Complimentary Perks because of our unique relationships with these particular hotels. Favorites include the Copacabana Palace and Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro because of their excellent service, beautiful interiors, prime locations and abundance of amenities. And it also does not hurt being situated on that famous stretch of beach!

While Carnival is happening, its very likely that you’ll be having so much fun that you will not get much sleep for most of it. Anyone who parties at the full capacity of Carnival needs an adequate amount of rest and relaxation afterwards to recover properly! Enjoying the luxuries of your hotel, laying out on the beach, rejuvenating at the spa, and dining on delicious Brazilian cuisine will make a world of difference. You’ll also get a taste for the more laid-back side of Brazil, and be ready to travel home in fair condition!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The best hotels in Venice

The beauty, magic, and appeal of Venice is that it can be affordable on all budgets, however if you can spend on luxury, Venice is beyond stunning. As for five-star hotels, these are the best hotels in Venice. Imagine gazing at the majesty of the Grand Canal from your room, and being surrounded by the classic Italian opulence of sumptuous interiors and glittering chandeliers that were blown in Murano. There is no mistaking why it is considered the most romantic city in the world.

Nothing but old world glory and a gorgeous journey through history will greet you at this splendor. It is at once a hotel, a museum, and a national monument, as it was once a palace of the Sagredo family, who were Venetian nobility. The entire hotel is filled with one-of-a-kind creations by artists such as Pietro Longhi, Tiepolo, and Andrea Urbani, with spectacular frescoes, and paintings throughout. The architecture detailing will also astound you, including a marble staircase created by Tirali. Nearly every room has Grand Canal views, and is exquisitely decorated.

This hotel offers two options, you can stay in the main Hotel Cipriani, or the Palazzo Vendramin, which is a residence built in the 15th century. Some say these two properties have the absolute best views in all of Venice, and the atmosphere is indisputably romantic. The Palladio Suite has it’s own private dock, and the floor-to-ceiling windows present remarkable 180 degree vistas of Venice. Also known for it’s unparalleled serenity, the perfectly manicured gardens and one of the only swimming pools in the city, this hotel is like no other.

This magnificent hotel is comprised of three palaces, which alone speaks of the grandeur. The Palazzo Dandolo dates back to the 14th century, and was the residence of the Doge Dandolo family. The opulence here is obvious, and no diminutive detail was spared. Columns of carved pink marble, intricate stained glass windows, hand-woven rugs, and dazzling chandeliers of Murano glass are fixtures all through the hotel. Also prized for it’s location, Hotel Danieli sits on Riva degli Schiavoni, very accessible to all of Venice’s attractions, shopping, cafés, and is walking distance to St. Mark’s Square. Many rooms have stunning views of the lagoon. Cool fact: In the movie “The Tourist,” this was the hotel where Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s characters stayed.

In this gorgeous city named for Venus, goddess of all things regarding love and beauty, you will surely fall head over heels for the surroundings. The magnificent hotels here have storybook histories, and the kind of elegance and opulence of a bygone era! Check into one of these, and you will never want to leave!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Hotels in London

London is livelier than ever with an incredibly cool list of places for eating, drinking, and getting down and dirty on the social scene! The new wave of “a night on the town” is a little looser, less uppity, still classy, and quite adventurous.

London has no shortage of excellent hotels, and here you can find the best hotels in london . Hotel bars are hotter than ever in London. The Met Bar, of the Metropolitan London, has recently revamped it’s appearance and the once limited status that welcomed only hotel guests and members. Now it has reopened to the public, and is ready to serve classic yet updated British fare. An absolute must are the cocktails, which are sophisticated and diversely created to suit a world of palettes! There is also an extremely extensive wine list, and you can order vintage champagne on a per-glass basis. For a really fun and historical journey in drink, the Library Bar of the Lanesborough London is magnificent, fun, and quite a diversion from any ordinary drinking experience! The ambiance of a well-tended fireplace in an exquisite library, fit with volumes of leather-bound books and luxuriant leather wing chairs sets the mood. You can then enjoy a fine collection of vintage cognacs in what is considered “liquid history.” And if cognac doesn’t fit your fancy, their list of cocktails definitely will! For a very classy excursion in modern British socializing, The Four Seasons London at Park Lane has an amazing restaurant and bar in Amaranto. Featuring Italian cuisine fused with the local British sensibility, it is sensational and not overpowering. The setting is lavishly vibrant, and totally comfortable. Enjoy your food and drinks in the private garden, when the weather permits because the views of Park Lane are unbelievable!

One of the most eccentric, and interesting ways to enjoy the night in the company of others is at the Shoreditch haunt, the Disappearing Dining Club. Located at 123 Bethnal Green Road, this place is all about the unexpected, and getting you out of the usual drinking-and-dining box. A dining room set into a mega-style boutique, where you can contemplate your style as you drink your cocktail from in a vintage teacup. Speaking of which, comes another facet of this place: you are meant to “start” your evening at the top floor, where you enjoy the cocktails and canapés, and as you proceed through each course you descend to the next floor. Your best behavior is certainly not expected, and you can definitely toss all the pretenses out the window before you walk in too! The people behind the Disappearing Dining Club are also known to throw secret parties throughout London at the drop of a hat. They host a myriad of events- from offbeat weddings to art and music shows, cocktail gatherings, and dinner parties in all kinds of places like empty warehouses, random rooftops, clandestine gardens, and mysterious galleries. They really know how to keep the party interesting and exciting, and people in London are raving about the food, drinks, music, and dancing in the most unconventional environments.

On the other end of the spectrum are the ultra-exclusive party spots, where only the most privileged can get in. The Arts Club, with it’s accompanying Club Nouveau is a members-only, art meeting place and rock-and-roll music party house. It has nothing but absolute A-listers, royalty, and acclaimed artists as members. Recently opened is the private club, 5 Hertford Street, which takes inspiration from Annabel’s and Studio 54, where the atmosphere is reportedly as wild and as free as can be!

Right now, visiting London for the social scene is ! The bars, the clubs (if you can get through the door!), and the hotels are enough to make your stay one you’ll never forget, or perhaps remember- depending on how hard you party. As a destination, London is brimming with excitement!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Plaza Hotel New York

Are you a technology-loving individual, or just someone who likes to stay hooked up to their iPod. There's nothing worse than checking into a hotel and finding your hook-up options sub-par, and The Plaza Hotel New York has been working on their offerings for an optimal customer experience from day one.

Plaza Hotel General Manager Shane Krige, a fan of new technology like the iPad, took current options and blended them with an interactive customer experience, or ICE, plus in-room environmental controls. The new technology allows hotel guests to control 30 different service areas, starting with in-room dining and zipping all the way to valet service. Not only is it convenient for the customer to use, but it is advantageous for the hotel's operations and procedures.

“That was the home run in this,” Krige said, “to have it be fully integrated into our systems and to offer the guest such a range of capabilities.”

The Plaza Hotel is quick to point out that their new iPad/ICE combination has not been devised to cut costs (although it does, for those interested). It is super-efficient, yes, but it is also able to improve service and help streamline supply-and-demand for food and services, for example.

“And for our guests,” Krige added, “it means that when you arrive at JFK airport, you can use your iPhone to engage the system, check in, and order lunch for your arrival. The ‘personal touch’ it gives us is just astonishing. And the Intelity platform for running a hotel is just superb. But for us, it’s really about improving our guest experience and service.”

If you're a foodie or someone who just likes to move fast, then the ICE technology combination should work for you. The Plaza Hotel has developed a new standard for luxury hotels, and guest service will be taken to new levels, thanks to Krige's interest. You'll get up-to-the-minute special offerings from the hotel restaurant, access to announcements, and service details to your heart's content. Who would complain about better service? If you don't have an iPad, you might want to consider getting one just so that you can check into The Plaza and see what the fuss is about! After all, they were already offering Exclusive Complimentary Perks, so it's a win-win situation for you.

Fashion Week New York Hotels

Fashion Week in New York City takes fashion as far as it goes. Everyone is there to be seen, and will be wearing their most stylish, most chic getups. It is no doubt a very clamorous, glamorous scene abound with celebrities for all the big shows, cameras flashing, paparazzi following the celebs, and when they aren’t striding down the runway- models will be everywhere. Fashion Week NYC will be February 9-16, so get booking your lux hotel stay now!

This week will be devoted to the Fall 2012 collections. Hailed by some to be the best and biggest of the major global fashion weeks, New York’s fashion week is not to be missed by anyone who works in the industry, is a fashion insider, or anyone who is even moderately obsessed with style. In this single week, expect more than 250 different events focused on fashion, with 70 of the biggest, most important shows happening at the famous and lovely Lincoln Center. Two times a year, all of New York City gets overtaken by this tidal wave of upcoming trends and style, and you can be sure that in the following months you will be wearing what you saw there! More than 100,000 people flock to the city for each of the twice-annual Fashion Weeks, and it has such a hard-hitting impact, that the press coverage alone coming in spans more than 30 different countries- that is how important of an event this is!

Most of the fashion shows are held at Lincoln Center, however there are a few which are not. If you are looking to attend any of the shows, hopefully you are special enough to have received an invitation. Otherwise, good luck getting in! If you are there just for the scene, there will be plenty of other events where you can still enjoy the action!

Everything about Fashion Week is nonstop action. Expect to be on the go, and getting very little sleep. The least you can afford yourself is to book a room in a very nice hotel, so that when you do crash, you can do it properly in luxury with! You may even want to book an extra night just to recuperate because of the Exclusive Complimentary Perks! The Gramercy Park Hotel is an obvious choice for anyone with a fashion inclination as the hotel is overwhelmingly stylish. The Carlyle is another classic choice, where the ambiance is definitively “New York” and the elegance is a staple. When it comes to relaxation, service, and comfort no one does it better than the Four Seasons Hotel New York. Their spa is the perfect place to unwind after the whirlwind! Here's our entire line-up of  luxury hotels in New York .

Oh the dizzying tizzy of non-stop runways, the fabulous new clothes we will be dying to get our hands on, and those decadent after-parties! New York is a city that rakes in nearly $40 billion yearly in fashion sales. No need to say that it has cemented it’s international importance as a fashion capital, and Fashion Week is like it’s royal parade!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Among the best hotels in Paris

Did you know that The Four Seasons Paris, formerly known as the "George V," was General Eisenhower's headquarters during the 1944 Liberation of Paris? This preferred hotel features Exclusive Complimentary Perks, and the guest rooms are furnished so well that you'll probably feel like you're in the private residence of royalty, or close to it.

Guests at The Four Seasons George V Hotel Paris can now take a spin in a Hermes-inspired, hand-built Rolls Royce Phantom exclusively through the hotel. The commissioned project started up in 2007 and was developed by Jeff Leatham, the George V's in-house artistic director. Key design elements include a leather and mohair throw, a calfskin grey interior, and a "starlight headliner," which is composed of 800 lights on the car's roof liner for indoor star gazing in the City of Lights. The car is available exclusively to hotel guests, where it can be used for airport pickup, day trips, and business excursions.

If that's not enough for you, this fabulous hotel located off the Champs-Élysées happens to have lots of other creature comforts and carefully-executed design details. Conde Nast Traveler commented that Le Cinq, the hotel's restaurant, has service "that simply boggles the mind," while the rooms are "elegant without being over-the-top." Should you take a look at designer Leatham's description of the hotel's interior, you'll see how much thought goes into each and every detail. Rich fabrics and a Renaissance flourish are only the beginning: the lobby is filled with marble when you first walk into the hotel, fresh floral bouquets cascade in public spots, and state-of-the-art features pepper the rooms of this 1928 landmark. Take some time out for the pool and the Versailles garden mural that wraps around it.

If you ever manage to emerge from your hotel, you'll find that The Four Seasons George V Hotel Paris is perfectly positioned for a stroll by the Seine or to the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Since the hotel is in the heart of the "Golden Triangle," you can make some upscale picks at the Avenue George V, Rue François 1er, and Avenue Montaigne, where stores like Dior, Céline, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gian Franco Ferré, and Donna Karan are all located. In a 15 minutes' drive (perhaps in that previously-mentioned Phantom, reserved in advance?), you could check out the Pompidou Center, the Latin Quarter, Musee d'Orsay, Parc des Princes, and St. Germain-des-Pres.

No matter what you need in Paris, staying at The Four Seasons George V Hotel Paris ensures that your whims will be catered to, your shopping bug sated, and your culinary wishes fulfilled. What a stay this will be!

Maui best Hotels

We're all looking for a bargain these days, but that doesn't mean we need to sell ourselves short. While some vacationers will hunker down in a hostel and brave the raucous crowds, you can have the best of both worlds (affordability and luxury), while enjoying a location that's nothing short of paradise. Have you ever considered going to Hawaii? Amazing deals abound, and if you haven't experienced it yet, you'll be in for a treat. isn't just offering Exclusive Complimentary Perks when booking a stay at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, but they have an additional offer available: get your fifth night free in the hotel through their current special offer.

The Four Seasons Maui at Wailea is located on the sunny shores of Maui, and you'll instantly start unwinding when you arrive at this award-winning luxury vacation. Located on one of Hawaii's most impressive beaches, the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea has plenty of activities available right on resort grounds. If you take the family along, you can sign the kids up for the complimentary "Kids for All Season" program while taking advantage of outdoor activities like tennis, watersports, and gold courses. Hawaii's only Mobil Five Star Resort has racked up the accolades over the years (including a Conde Nast Traveler designation as the ""#1 Tropical Resort in the World." Sound tempting? Mix in that "5th Night Free" special offer from (valid until December 14, 2012 ), and we might just see you there.

You've arrived at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea. Now what? Besides your hotel diversions, you've got plenty to do in Maui. Start off by going to a luau and trying out Hawaiian cuisine, actually a blend of several culture's best foods, and you can sample kalua pig, poi and haupia, and plenty of buffet snacks that will keep you satisfied. When you're not looking for a luau, you can nosh on fine cuisine from Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and Vietnamese restaurants—Maui is considered the backbone of Hawaii's dining scene. Don't forget the drawstring pants! When you can't possibly eat a bit more, hop on the hiking trails--there are ones for all levels. Not only will you see plenty of waterfalls, flora, and fauna, but you might just tip over when you catch the view of a sweeping, dark valley in an incredibly lush environment. Go with a guide and a group if you'd like to know more about Maui's key indigenous creatures and notable plants. Too stuffed to walk? Get in a rented car and travel along the Hana Highway, which follows a lava shore and passes by interesting homes and landmarks for 56 miles. For a more hands-on transportation experience, bike rentals are available all over Maui for you to grab and go. Balance out all the physical activity with shopping excursions in Lahaina and Kahului, where you can find handmade crafts and amazing items carved from Hawaii's native wood.

What will it be? While you're soaking up the Hawaii sun, will you be trying out the food, hiking, sightseeing, or exploring—or everything?