Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Hotels in London

London is livelier than ever with an incredibly cool list of places for eating, drinking, and getting down and dirty on the social scene! The new wave of “a night on the town” is a little looser, less uppity, still classy, and quite adventurous.

London has no shortage of excellent hotels, and here you can find the best hotels in london . Hotel bars are hotter than ever in London. The Met Bar, of the Metropolitan London, has recently revamped it’s appearance and the once limited status that welcomed only hotel guests and members. Now it has reopened to the public, and is ready to serve classic yet updated British fare. An absolute must are the cocktails, which are sophisticated and diversely created to suit a world of palettes! There is also an extremely extensive wine list, and you can order vintage champagne on a per-glass basis. For a really fun and historical journey in drink, the Library Bar of the Lanesborough London is magnificent, fun, and quite a diversion from any ordinary drinking experience! The ambiance of a well-tended fireplace in an exquisite library, fit with volumes of leather-bound books and luxuriant leather wing chairs sets the mood. You can then enjoy a fine collection of vintage cognacs in what is considered “liquid history.” And if cognac doesn’t fit your fancy, their list of cocktails definitely will! For a very classy excursion in modern British socializing, The Four Seasons London at Park Lane has an amazing restaurant and bar in Amaranto. Featuring Italian cuisine fused with the local British sensibility, it is sensational and not overpowering. The setting is lavishly vibrant, and totally comfortable. Enjoy your food and drinks in the private garden, when the weather permits because the views of Park Lane are unbelievable!

One of the most eccentric, and interesting ways to enjoy the night in the company of others is at the Shoreditch haunt, the Disappearing Dining Club. Located at 123 Bethnal Green Road, this place is all about the unexpected, and getting you out of the usual drinking-and-dining box. A dining room set into a mega-style boutique, where you can contemplate your style as you drink your cocktail from in a vintage teacup. Speaking of which, comes another facet of this place: you are meant to “start” your evening at the top floor, where you enjoy the cocktails and canapés, and as you proceed through each course you descend to the next floor. Your best behavior is certainly not expected, and you can definitely toss all the pretenses out the window before you walk in too! The people behind the Disappearing Dining Club are also known to throw secret parties throughout London at the drop of a hat. They host a myriad of events- from offbeat weddings to art and music shows, cocktail gatherings, and dinner parties in all kinds of places like empty warehouses, random rooftops, clandestine gardens, and mysterious galleries. They really know how to keep the party interesting and exciting, and people in London are raving about the food, drinks, music, and dancing in the most unconventional environments.

On the other end of the spectrum are the ultra-exclusive party spots, where only the most privileged can get in. The Arts Club, with it’s accompanying Club Nouveau is a members-only, art meeting place and rock-and-roll music party house. It has nothing but absolute A-listers, royalty, and acclaimed artists as members. Recently opened is the private club, 5 Hertford Street, which takes inspiration from Annabel’s and Studio 54, where the atmosphere is reportedly as wild and as free as can be!

Right now, visiting London for the social scene is ! The bars, the clubs (if you can get through the door!), and the hotels are enough to make your stay one you’ll never forget, or perhaps remember- depending on how hard you party. As a destination, London is brimming with excitement!

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