Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Hotels in Rio for Carnival

The entire Catholic world parties for Carnival. The Europeans brought Catholicism to the Americas, and there are customary celebrations all throughout the Caribbean, South America, and the wildly festive party that happens in New Orleans, where the bacchanal is called “Mardi Gras.” No matter what name it goes by, and no matter where it’s celebrated, there is no destination that can match the fervor, velocity, or passion by which Brazil celebrates their most famous endeavor: Carnival. A celebration of all the pleasures of the flesh, and a time to party as hard as possible before Lent, Brazil takes it to the extreme every single year!

A world away from the austere celebrations in Europe, and heavily influenced by the culture’s African heritage, Brazilian Carnival has set it’s own standards, traditions, and mood. There is no other event in the world that draws a foreign crowd of over 500,000. The total number of partygoers is actually way larger, as the entire nation participates in the festivities. Everywhere in the nation, Carnival is celebrated, but Rio’s party is the biggest, best, and most sought after. It is no joke when it’s called the biggest party in the world, and that is what happens for four days and nights. It is an explosive, electrifying experience that will have you in sensory overload. A visual spectacle of glittering costumes, impressive choreography from the many samba schools, and music so loud you can feel it inside, with drums that match your own heart beat. Year after year, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is always an exciting event! For sure, when you see the sight of the Sambadrommo, the street-stadium where the parade takes place, you will be stunned and mesmerized! While the parade is never to be missed, afterwards people party on the streets of Rio well into the morning hours.

One amazing facet of Carnival is how it unifies a nation. It is such a massive event, and crosses all socio-economic boundaries in a country where there are enormous divides between the wealthy and the poor. Everyone in the nation is a part of the celebration, with absolutely no discrimination!

At least once in your lifetime you should make the pilgrimage to Rio for Carnival.
Many people book months and years in advance because Carnival draws such an enormous crowd, that hotels really fill up fast. It is also well known that this is the height of Brazil’s tourist season, and you can expect to splurge big on your hotel room. Here is our collection of the best hotels in Rio. Booking with us will entitle you to fabulous Exclusive Complimentary Perks because of our unique relationships with these particular hotels. Favorites include the Copacabana Palace and Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro because of their excellent service, beautiful interiors, prime locations and abundance of amenities. And it also does not hurt being situated on that famous stretch of beach!

While Carnival is happening, its very likely that you’ll be having so much fun that you will not get much sleep for most of it. Anyone who parties at the full capacity of Carnival needs an adequate amount of rest and relaxation afterwards to recover properly! Enjoying the luxuries of your hotel, laying out on the beach, rejuvenating at the spa, and dining on delicious Brazilian cuisine will make a world of difference. You’ll also get a taste for the more laid-back side of Brazil, and be ready to travel home in fair condition!

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