Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best hotels San Diego

San Diego’s got a lot to offer the traveler. It’s a vibrant, colorful city, and it’s anything but ordinary. From stunning beaches to blazing nightlife in the Gaslamp District, a unique shopping scene, an endless amount of great places to eat, tons of outdoor activities, local wineries, and the most famous zoo in the country. Whatever your forte, and whatever your age, San Diego can please any world traveler!

With 70 miles of excellent beaches, you can spend your entire vacation on the water. Among visitors and locals alike, whale tours are immensely popular. Nothing can compare to the majesty of being at arm’s reach of the massive California gray whales as they migrate from Alaska. This excursion is only accessible during the winter and spring months from December through April, however, because once the waters warm up, the whales head back to the colder waters. The peak time to witness them is mid-January, when it’s possible to view up to 200 of them in a single day!

All throughout San Diego, you can expect to find amazing food. Farmer’s markets, tiny yet brilliantly authentic Mexican food, the best sushi outside of Japan, incredible fusion pizzas that cross cuisines like Latin, Thai, Indian, and Italian, succulent seafood, ethnic foods from every country possible, and five-star dining that will blow your mind. No matter where you’re eating in San Diego, your taste buds will be in heaven. If you’re one to travel for the enjoyment of food, from January 15th through 20th, San Diego Restaurant Week will be happening. All of San Diego’s best eats will be putting up three-course menus with excellent prices. Make reservations before you go, though, because this event is as popular with local foodies as visitors!

For a different take on the food scene, you absolutely cannot visit San Diego without hitting up the gourmet food trucks. While there are food trucks in nearly every big city in the US these days, San Diego’s are top-notch because they represent the already astonishing food that permeates every corner! Because they are mobile, and utterly transient, the best way to keep up with these gourmet digs on wheels is via social media because even though they tend to run on a weekly schedule, it’s better to know beforehand.

And then there are the hotels. As awesome as everything else about this beautiful city, the five-star hotels and all of their amenities are what (hotel) dreams are made of. Our collection of the best hotels in San Diego offers something for any traveler wanting a signature experience in the local culture without sacrificing any comfort. Top-rated spas are expected, and any of these hotels will please and pamper you with their distinct treatments and attention to detail. The ultimate spot is the Paradise Point Resort, which is an exclusive private island comprised of 44 gorgeous acres set into Mission Bay. Total luxury, yet always comfortable, the guest rooms were done in a beach-bungalow style. The grounds are landscaped with lush gardens, with serene lagoon views. Amidst all of this paradisiacal seclusion, you are merely minutes from downtown, and all of the major attractions. You really get the best of everything at this resort! For more action in the middle of all the action, the W San Diego is located in downtown. While the beaches are just a short drive away, the rooftop Beach Bar is a pleasant reminder with it’s heated sand and spectacular views of the skyline. The Grand Del Mar has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the “World’s Best Places to Stay,” and is definitely among the most luxurious resorts in all of San Diego. Housing the only restaurant that has been recognized as both Five-Star and Five Diamond, you will be eating very well when you stay there! The world-class golf, top-rated spa, and superior Mediterranean decor are sensational, and will envelop you in a cocoon of sumptuous comfort at this exceptional resort.

To top off all the great reasons to visit San Diego, it also has, arguably, the best climate anywhere in America. Uncontrollably sunny and warm, semi-arid yet on the shores of the Pacific means you get the best vacation weather possible. Pair that with an exquisite hotel, excellent food, fun attractions, and beautiful surroundings; what more could you ask for?

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