Monday, January 9, 2012

Buenos Aires Best Hotels

One of South America’s most unique cities, full of old world charm yet is entirely a modern, metropolitan city, is the graceful, ethereal Buenos Aires. It is a mix of European influence in a purely Latin environment. It is a place filled with beauty: from it's people to its historic architecture, and landscapes. You’ll find amazing shopping, with the best of all South America can offer; local crafts, traditional garments, and loads of high-end boutiques. The nightlife is wild, Argentine food is exquisite, there are amazing hotels, and you can definitely spend some time learning the seductive art of tango!

Argentines are passionately heated people. Whatever endeavor may be consuming them, they do it with intensity and they do it right. There is a running current of the nation’s heritage, the European laid-back coolness is always evident in the attitudes and the energy of the city. However, when it comes to soccer, dance, design, wine and food, it’s all about ferocity. These mainstays of the culture are so important to it’s people, and equally important and enjoyed by visitors that there are no compromises to be made. Any which way you experience them, you’ll feel the emotion that was put into the execution. Culturally, Argentina will excite you with all the eye-candy and offerings for experience.

Many people travel to Buenos Aires simply to enjoy the cuisine. World-famous for their beef, this is not the most appropriate destination for vegetarians! All throughout the city, you can find family-operated cafes, in very homelike settings, serving traditional dishes of select cuts of beef, game, and mollejas. No trip to Buenos Aires, or anywhere in Argentina would be complete without savoring the famous local wines and cheeses, and you can be assured that you can enjoy them nearly everywhere. You can also find many places that serve excellent traditional Spanish and Italian cuisines, which pay homage to Argentina’s colonial days.

On weekends, the Mataderos fair is not to be missed. Experience the action of gauchos gallantly displaying their skills with their horses. This event also features a gorgeous display of the artisan craftsmanship that goes into the creation of their locally made ponchos, handmade knives, jewelry and many goods that come from the countryside.

Buenos Aires is loaded with exceptional luxury hotels. Decadent and complete with incredible detail, you will love your surroundings when you stay at any of these five-star digs. Here is our line-up of the best hotels in Buenos Aires. The "people's choice award" goes to Four Seasons Buenos Aires will more than make you fall in love with the city; it will make you never want to leave. A single night’s price tag here is a heavy one, but oh-so worth it! Located near everything in the La Recoleta district, this stunning classic French mansion has a distinct vintage beauty with an onslaught of modern conveniences and all the contemporary luxuries you could possibly want. As an added bonus, there are many additional amenities that cater to families with children. is pleased to have “Preferred Partner Status” with the Four Seasons brand, and we offer Exclusive Complimentary Perks with all Four Seasons hotels.

Upon entering Buenos Aires, you may be a bit confused. The architecture speaks of the 19th century, the green plains are reminiscent of Northwestern Europe. Old, old traditions are preserved in daily life, yet at times it seems things are utterly “right now,” and entirely on cue with the current times. It is a city of tradition without fear of advancement into the future. Diverse and exciting, Buenos Aires is a city like none other you’ve ever been to!

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