Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cancelling Your Cruise ?

No matter how luxurious a cruise ship is, a five-star hotel is so much more. While the buffets may come quicker than you finished your last meal, and the overly eager staff will assist you in nearly anything you ask for, there really is no comparison. Floating Vegas-style debauchery where everything is precisely prescribed can definitely have it’s benefits, but most of the time, nothing compares to seeing the sites and then relaxing in an exceptional hotel. Keeping in mind last week’s tragedy off the Italian coast, we highly encourage you to opt for more stable, more luxurious accommodations on your next vacation.

Nothing against cruises, per se, but the kind of service you receive on land is far superior. Cruises offer up a precisely planned repertoire, and when you’ve been on one, you’ve been on them all, no matter how the interiors differ. In a luxury hotel, if you have needs or special requests, often no matter how outlandish they may be, your concierge will have them met, sometimes before you even arrive. There are so many little details that a hotel can offer, while giving you the options surrounding towns and cities provide. Cruises can get stuffy, and even booking the largest suite on the boat can feel claustrophobic at times. In between destinations, you are literally stuck on board. You have only the same options for eating which includes a small variety of restaurants to choose from. Another thing to think about is the “gourmet” food which is served will never be as fresh as in a place not moving because of the amount of preparation that needs to happen beforehand. Most top-notch restaurants are certainly never serving that many courses, to that many people in a single night, never sacrificing quality!

While many people view cruises as an affordable way to travel to multiple places in comfort, many of the hassles and inconveniences get overlooked. The freedom and ease you have in a hotel does have a price, but when you weigh out all of your options, you may find the costs even out. When you book a reservation with WhataHotel! you will receive Exclusive Complimentary Perks at an enormous variety of five-star hotels from our collection throughout the world, adding additional amenities and savings.

While cruising enables travelers a sense of luxury by boarding your hotel, and traveling to and from each destination, it can actually get quite stressful. These kinds of itineraries often leave little room for exploration and spontaneous diversions. In each locale, you have only a measured amount of time to see the destination, and you will certainly never get to feel its essence on such a strict schedule. Cruising through Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, around Mexico, and Hawaii have always been favorite vacations among cruising aficionados. In Hawaii and the Caribbean, the islands have ferries and other boating services that cater to travelers wanting to travel to other islands. This is bound to appeal to anyone seeking adventure, and it offers the guest the chance to decide on a whim where they’d like to go. It also offers a more authentic taste of the local culture.

In Europe, where so many famous cities and countries are located within a very close proximity of one another, hopping from one to the next can actually be quite easy on land. You can stay in a multitude of luxurious hotels, never sacrificing comfort, and all the while play it by ear in how you savor each location. And if there is one thing about this continent is that Europe has some of the best, five-star hotels in the world. If hitting only the big tourist spots is your thing, enjoy them on your own terms. A cruise cannot offer the thrill of discovery, which is one of the best parts of traveling to begin with. Do a little research ahead of time, to get an idea about where to eat locally. Of course, your hotel will most likely have superb dining in the local customs as well as catering to tourists.

Wherever you may travel to, there is nothing like being on your own two feet to truly experience a place. When you stay in a five-star hotel, the experience is optimal. If you really need to experience a cruise at some point, go for it, but guaranteed you’ll come off of it relishing luxury hotels that much more!

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